Off-campus housing complex plan underway

Amenities will include community building, pool, shuttle service



Real estate company Aspen Heights is working toward purchasing 25 acres of land located south of Pullman Albion Road, said Debbie Snell, Port of Whitman County properties and development manager.

KAITLYN TEJERO, Evergreen reporter

A new off-campus housing development may be coming to south Pullman.

Approximately 25 acres of land located north of Pullman Albion Road, is in the process of being sold to the real estate company Aspen Heights, said Debbie Snell, Port of Whitman County properties and development manager.

Aspen Heights specializes in “revolutionizing” student housing, according to its website.

Snell said she believes the development will be a duplex-style housing, more like multifamily units rather than an apartment complex. The cost of the units is not yet known.

“They look almost like single-family residences,” Snell said. “They mix a lot of architectural styles and are all different colors, all have different finishes. It’s fairly attractive, and [Aspen Heights] have developments all over the country.”

Snell said in addition to the development being a nice-looking place to live, it would also offer numerous benefits to the residents, some of which cannot be confirmed until the sale has been made.

The list currently includes a community building, a pool and a shuttle service to campus, she said.

The new development may be appealing to students who want a more residential feel as opposed to a building on campus, Snell said.

“With the shuttle service up to campus, I think it would be helpful to a lot of students and would make the location a little less daunting,” Snell said. “Especially for people who might not want to live in a very large apartment complex, or in the thick of the population in downtown Pullman.”

The new development would appeal to graduate students who could have small family and junior faculty members, she said. It would also appeal to people who are just moving to Pullman who cannot find a home to purchase or are simply not ready to purchase.

She said the goal of this development is to have a more private neighborhood feel. It would have a view to the fields to the east and be located away from larger properties.

*This article was updated to accurate state that the complex will be located north of Pullman Albion Road not south of Pullman Albion Road.