If you build it, they will come



Katie Archer, left, and Grace Arnis are this semester’s sports editors.


Women’s sports are only 3 percent of all sports coverage.

In the male-dominated field of sports journalism and the totally male-dominated fields of sports, we think it’s important to share the wealth. Under our leadership, The Daily Evergreen will be more committed to telling stories about women and the sports they participate in. It is our belief that women’s sports are important, entertaining and culturally valuable. 

Before we were the sports editor and deputy sports editor, football players were the only athletes featured on the cover of Sports Weekend, aside from a few small cutouts below large photos of football players or coaches. The only female athlete featured on the cover of any issues of the paper was a former volleyball player speaking out against the sexual misconduct of a WSU Athletics administrator.

This semester we already changed that. This issue will change it even more. 

We are two of four female sports editors in the last decade. We have a duty to the athletes we cover. A duty to cover men and women equally.

This Sports Weekend is dedicated to the female athletes of WSU Athletics and their stories. Inside this issue you will find features on women from as many sports as we could contact. 

We feature a basketball player who wants to take WSU to the NCAA tournament, a dominant soccer player in the middle of her senior year, a rower who is the president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), a runner who competed against all odds, a triple jumper who competed for her country, and a nationally ranked swimmer. 

Before we were editors, we both participated in sports that were overlooked by the media. At the Evergreen we wanted change that. We believe that if we report on the stories, our audience will care. 

If you build it, they will come. 

We are building it, please come.