AP Top 25 Poll review

Ohio State University tops Clemson University, Washington is out

KURIA POUNDS, Evergreen reporter

The third Saturday in October came and went so fast with a crazy upset in Illinois, a good battle in Seattle and a high-scoring game in Austin. The Associated Press released its Top 25 for Week 9. Once again, I will look to see what is right and what is wrong with the AP Top 25.

What is right with the AP Poll:

Ohio State has finally jumped Clemson. Even though both teams routed their opponents, overall, Clemson did not look good in the first quarter against Louisville.

Clemson’s quarterback, sophomore Trevor Lawrence, threw two early picks against their defense, and the offense looked stagnant.

Ohio State dominated Northwestern the entire game, allowing three points, and scoring 52. This year the Buckeyes are better than the defending champions, and finally the AP recognized it.

Wisconsin deserved to fall that much. I actually called them dropping exactly seven spots after their loss to the University of Illinois. The Badgers were a 30.5-point favorite, and loss by one. Now this is obviously a fluke, but Wisconsin still has Ohio State on its schedule, and it won’t be easy if they have bad losses like this one.

SMU, Minnesota and Cincinnati are in the top 20. At a combined record of 20-1, these three teams are sleeper teams when it comes to the Top 25 as a whole. They’re dangerous on both sides of the ball and could find themselves in a good bowl game if they keep the wins coming, even a New Year’s Six.

Washington needed to drop out of the Top 25. They’re a three-loss team. They lost to Oregon at home, and their offense stalled again in the second half, which caused the defense to try and put in the effort for the offense. The Ducks scored 14 unanswered points en route to their victory, which shows the Huskies’ lack to finish games.

What is wrong with the AP Poll:

Oregon and Utah need to be ranked higher. I said this last week, and it’s still true. Oregon had one of their toughest games of the year doing what only two other teams in the past four years have done: beating the Huskies in Seattle. Utah beat up a decent Arizona State team who is ranked.

Why are both barely going up? Oregon should be and is in the college football playoff conversation, and AP has them only at number 11 and behind Georgia who lost to South Carolina.

Baylor is not the 14th best team in the country. Yes, they’re undefeated. Yes, they’re in the Big 12, but they looked inconsistent all game. Against Oklahoma State, it was back and forth all game, allowing Chuba Hubbard to run all over the Baylor defense, with 172 yards and two touchdowns. Just because a team is undefeated doesn’t mean they should climb the rankings.

Texas and Iowa need to go down more even though both teams won. Both teams struggled against teams they were heavy favorites against. Texas had to have a last-second field goal to beat Kansas at home. The Iowa vs. Purdue game had a lot of back-and-forth play, with offenses looking stagnant again, forcing field goals and three-and-outs.

Boise State should go down a little more and Arizona State should fall out. BSU looked rough at BYU yesterday, with quarterback Chase Cord throwing two interceptions against the BYU defense, resulting BYU to score 21 points in the third quarter. That’s not the defense and offense of a top 25 team.

Same goes for ASU against Utah. The Sun Devils’ offense was nonexistent. Having your quarterback throwing for 25 yards and an interception means for a slow game on the offensive side. They should drop out as well and give an opportunity to a team that is on the rise, such as San Diego State, Memphis or Virginia.

Notable matchups for this week:

No. 13 Wisconsin faces No. 3 Ohio State

No. 5 Oklahoma plays Kansas State

No. 9 Auburn travels to Death Valley to play No. 2 LSU

No. 6 Penn State faces Michigan State

No. 15 Texas plays TCU

Oklahoma State goes to Ames to face No. 23 Iowa State

No. 8 Notre Dame faces No. 19 Michigan

California plays No. 12 Utah

Washington State visits Eugene to play No. 11 Oregon