College football week 10 AP Poll analysis

The Pac-12 moves up in the poll. Could this be a move back to CFP?



Then-graduate quarterback Gardner Minshew II hands the ball to former running back James Williams against Utah on Sep. 29 2018 at Martin Stadium.

KURIA POUNDS, Evergreen reporter

For the third straight week in a row, a top 10 team in the country has fallen victim to the “upset” team. The Associated Press released its poll for Week 10 and from the number of upsets that happened this past weekend, I knew the poll needed some changes. Here is what is right and what is wrong with this week’s AP Top 25 poll.

Before I get started, I need to talk about the Big 12. The conference says that its “the most challenging path to the college football playoff,” but in a weekend like this, where all of the favored teams in the matchups lose, the conference definitely has a challenging path.

Yes, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Texas and Texas Tech were all favored in their matchups and lost. For a conference that prides itself on that saying, it really shows how challenging the Big 12 is for a team to get to the college football playoff.

What is right with the poll:

LSU is number one over Alabama. Good. LSU proved that they are a capable college football playoff team in their 23-20 victory over Auburn at home. Yes, Alabama won too, but they played Arkansas and the Crimson Tide were up 41-0 at halftime. That does not prove anything, Alabama is supposed to be whopping them that bad. I’m taking LSU’s number one ranking with a grain of salt since Alabama still has to play LSU and Auburn.

Oregon and Utah are finally in the top 10. It took a 35-0 shutout by Utah and a close 37-35 victory for Oregon to finally get them the national recognition the Pac-12 has been waiting for. I won’t speak on the WSU-Oregon game, for my fellow Cougars. Utah looked absolutely dominant on both sides of the ball; limiting the California offense while Zack Moss and Tyler Huntley exploded on offense.

Notre Dame and Wisconsin fell so much. Thank God. Maybe it was the weather in both games, but both teams looked absolutely sloppy. Wisconsin’s offense could not get past Chase Young at all, and the D-line for Ohio State locked Heisman hopeful Jonathan Taylor at 52 yards.

Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor, the weather was windy and rainy, and Notre Dame could not get their offense rolling. Michigan led 17-0 at the half. Ian Book completed 8 of 25 pass attempts the whole game. Now, Shea Patterson completed 6 of 12, but the run game for Michigan led them to victory over Notre Dame at home. This is why Notre Dame should join a conference.

Texas and Iowa State dropped from the rankings. Thank you so much. I already touched on this, but the Big 12 looked like a Division III conference on Saturday.

Sam Ehlinger threw four interceptions against TCU en route to their third loss on the season, and because of how bad Texas’ offense looked, the defense had to compensate, and got gassed from being on the field for so long.

The Iowa State defense could not stop Chuba Hubbard. Down 21-10 at home after Hubbard just ran through their defense, which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game. Even though the Cyclones did make a comeback, a late pick-six from Brock Purdy cost Iowa State the game. Both games are prime examples as to why the Big 12 looked horrible over the weekend.

What is wrong with the poll:

Oklahoma should be out of the top 10 in general and should not come back into the college football playoff conversation. As of now, they are the Ohio State of last year. One bad loss and all of a sudden, their chances at a college football playoff bid disappears. Oklahoma should be at least number 11 or 12, because of how badly they looked in the first half, even though the Sooners did come back. The conference, like I said previously, looked horrible and the “leader” should fall with the conference more.

Minnesota should be ahead of Baylor. Minnesota looked very good against Maryland at home, especially on offense. Minnesota is one of the most underrated teams not only in the Big 10, but in the country as well. Baylor did not have a game, and went up two spots? They should’ve stayed at the same ranking from the previous week, possibly go down one spot, because of how weak the Big 12 looks right now.

Notable matchups for this week:

No. 23 Wake Forest faces NC State

No. 16 Notre Dame plays Virginia Tech

No. 8 Georgia travels to Gainesville to face No. 6 Florida

No. 9 Utah plays Washington

No. 15 SMU faces No. 24 Memphis

No. 7 Oregon travels to Los Angeles to play USC