Letter to the editor: Counter-protesting does not infringe on free speech


In response to Friday’s letter to the editor, ‘Conservatives won’t be silent’:

Yes, Andrew, you most definitely have a right to express your freedom of speech.

We respect that, and anyone who tries to tear down your wall or gets in your face is not respecting that.

However, this is America and we have that same right to express ourselves in the form of a peaceful protest.

America is a democracy and we will be exercising our First Amendment rights in an appropriate and civil manner.

This is a disclaimer for WSU College Republicans and all WSU students: Anyone associated with the Unity Rally (our response to the wall) understands that our demonstration will be peaceful and non-confrontational.

The police department is aware of this; we’ve been communicating with them.

Anyone at the rally showing disrespect, aggressiveness, or exhibiting any other negative forms of communication is not associated with our rally.

Anyone offended by the Trump Wall is invited to focus their frustration in a positive and productive manner by joining our rally celebrating unity and diversity in America.

Our rally will be focusing on education and knowledge, compassion, understanding, and the value of all people in this country. Please join us for a fun day.

Andrew, we wish you and your friends peace. The people associated with our rally will not be infringing on your rights or threatening your safety and we urge everyone else to follow our lead.

Any threats or harm will be appropriately dealt with by the police.