Students wait for release during police activity

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen news editor

Students from Pullman Public Schools who live on the 300 block of NW Robert Street are being held at school due to police activity. 

The school district does not consider students to be at risk, according to an email sent out by Pullman Public Schools to faculty and parents. 

Shannon Focht, communications coordinator for Pullman Public Schools, said some students from Kamiak Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School and Pullman High School will be affected. 

Focht said students affected by the police activity were pulled individually from their classes. The students were directed to stay after school until they are either picked up by their parents or the situation is resolved, she said. 

Students staying after school are being supervised by school faculty, she said. 

There are two school buses which travel through NW Robert Street, Focht said. The buses are taking alternative routes.

Pullman PD officers have set up a perimeter on NW Robert Street which is being used to divert students who are walking home in that area, she said. 

According to a press release issued by the Pullman Police Department, the public is not at threat. 

Police set up the perimeter following a domestic dispute, according to the press release. SWAT members are working to apprehend the suspect.