City Council may purchase church building for $1.5 M

The Pullman City Council discussed purchasing and repurposing a church building from Encounter Ministries for $1.5 million at its meeting on Sept. 27.

The structure includes a two-story multi-use gymnasium, two large storage areas, an unfinished kitchen, restrooms and showers, a raised walkway, a mezzanine and between seven and nine classrooms depending on how the rooms are utilized. The structure would also need an estimated $1 million in renovation in order for the city to use it.

Recreation Superintendent Kurt Dahmen said the structure could provide extra classrooms, meeting spaces and areas for local sports teams to practice and play.

“Acquiring that extra space and having that access year-round is something that really excites us,” Dahmen said. “Pullman needs a true community center.”

Council member Fritz Hughes came out in support of purchasing the structure as well.

“Pullman is growing,” he said, “and we need to grow with it.”

The council also passed a resolution to acquire multiple pieces of land for the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport runway realignment and discussed a joint meeting with ASWSU on Oct. 18.

Reporting by Will DeMarco