Community donates over $4,000 to food program

Kiwanis Club of Pullman began accepting donations on April 2; raised over $8,800 so far



Kiwanis Club board member Larry Clark said 25 community members donated $2,470 and 13 club members donated $1,605 to the Pullman Schools Pantry Program.

JARED BRADLEY, Evergreen reporter

The Kiwanis Club of Pullman matched community donations up to $2,500 for the Pullman Schools Pantry Program to help Pullman students avoid going hungry during the current pandemic.

Larry Clark, Kiwanis Club of Pullman board member, said the club was extremely pleased with how many community members donated.

According to a press release issued April 2 by the club, the club challenged local community members to donate to the pantry program and donations were collected until April 10.

Community members surpassed the original amount the club was prepared to match as donations reached a total of $3,745, according to the press release. Despite this number being higher than the original maximum, the club matched the donation. In total, over $8,800 has been donated so far to the pantry program. 

Clark said 25 community members donated $2,470 and 13 club members donated $1,605. After exceeding the original goal, donations kept rolling in, he said. Kiwanis donated $4,155 to match the total donations by individuals. 

The club has donated to the pantry program for the last two years, although it was at a lower amount, Clark said. A hundred percent of the donations went to the pantry program, he said.

“We feel fortunate because we have a lot of fundraisers during the year, so we have a lot of money we can donate to the kids,” Clark said.

For example, the club organizes parking for some Cougar sporting events, Clark said.

Ginger Flynn, Kiwanis Club of Pullman President, said the club decided to match whatever amount came in after the board saw how much money was being donated by community members. 

“It’s pretty awesome,” Flynn said. “Just the preliminary donation was $7,800 and that was in less than a week.” 

Flynn said Clark got the word out for the donations to local media, including newspaper and radio advertisements. The deadline was set for a week out to show urgency, she said. 

“It’s an important way to give back,” Flynn said. “It would make it easier for parents to give kids the food they need.”

The pantry program is a supplemental food program to help Pullman School District families in need.

All Pullman Public Schools are closed to contain the spread of COVID-19, so students are staying home. The pantry program is continuing to serve students who are social-distancing at home with their parents, according to the press release. 

The Pullman School District is providing food on weekdays, and the pantry program provides food on weekends.

More information regarding the pantry program can be found on the Pullman Public Schools’ website