County’s total for positive COVID-19 cases rises to 66

Number of cases rises to 66; all patients are stable and self-isolating

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter

Nine new people have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing Whitman County’s total to 66 cases. 

Six of the new patients are currently stable and isolating at home, according to a Sunday press release from the Whitman County Emergency Operations Center. Three patients are males aged 1-19, 60-79 and over 80, respectively. Three patients are females, all aged 20-39. 

Two of the patients were confirmed on Saturday, according to a press release from that day. One patient is a female aged 30-49 and the other is a male aged 60-79. They are both stable and self-isolating. 

One of the new patients tested positive on Friday, according to a press release from that day. The patient is a male aged 40-59. He is stable and self-isolating. 

Of the 66 patients, 47 have been cleared to stop self-isolating while 19 are still self-isolating, according to the Sunday press release. 

The county’s COVID-19 risk has become moderate as it moved from yellow to orange, again, according to Whitman County Public Health’s website. This means the spread is not greater than an average of two cases per day and there has been one contained outbreak. Yellow means the risk was limited and there had not been more than one case per day. It also means there was more than one non-community case per day and there are no congregate outbreaks. 

Residents are reminded to maintain social distancing and wear masks, especially as COVID-19 activity rises, according to the Sunday press release.