Renovation a work in progress for Slice Pizzeria

Moscow-based taphouse will add two stories onto building for apartments, new restaurant



Slice Pizzeria & Taphouse in Moscow is renovating to open a new restaurant, which is undetermined at the moment.


Slice Pizzeria & Taphouse is planning on investing about $1.4 million to add two building levels, which will include a new 2,000-square-foot commercial space and apartments. 

Owner Matthew Becker said the addition will include another restaurant space with a patio and small luxury apartments. Due to the lack of housing in downtown Moscow, the apartments will be tiny, compact-like houses. 

Slice Pizzeria & Taphouse is one restaurant in the open-air dining area at Second Street in downtown Moscow. Becker and his wife own the complex and will rent to other restaurant owners while running Slice. The space features large picnic tables and a jungle gym. 

Stairs lead up to the new commercial space where Becker is installing large garage doors looking out to the patio. 

“I’d love a taco place, maybe a burger and beer place,” Becker said. 

The current ground-level space is occupied by Slice, a coffee stand and a Bangladeshi restaurant. A Thai restaurant will open soon, he said.

The owners also are installing solar panels to power the apartments. Becker hopes the solar panels attract renters and that the panels eventually pay for themselves, he said. There will be 16 apartment units with high-end appliances, granite countertops and efficient use of space.

Since COVID-19 restrictions were implemented, Slice was closed for a few months but is back open now, even during the renovations. When they first reopened, they left the roof off of the dining area so it served as an outdoor bar. Although, their sales have been down about 30 percent, Becker said.

Becker shut down operations so employees could collect unemployment rather than having a slow business, he said.

The renovations will be finished in about a month, and he hopes to have a new restaurant opened by spring, Becker said. 

Becker is funding the renovation by selling other properties he owns. 

 This article has been updated to remove a quote.