Floral shop flourishes in Moscow

Little Shop of Florals owner also runs lifestyle magazine to ‘spread joy’ for community



Heather Niccoli created the Home&Harvest lifestyle magazine, which features the Moscow community, hunting and local agriculture. The publication also has a vintage theme.


Heather Niccoli expresses her life-long interest in creativity by creating floral arrangements and running Home&Harvest, a lifestyle magazine.

As a young adult, Niccoli worked in a historic flower shop in Moscow with intentions of purchasing the shop. Unfortunately, the timing was never right. Niccoli said she and her husband, Tony, kept hope alive and were able to eventually buy the space they currently co-own, Little Shop of Florals.

Another passion of Niccoli’s is writing. She said after working at various publications in California, she wanted to come back to the Moscow area and create something more personal to her. This idea spurred the creation of Home&Harvest.

Niccoli said Home&Harvest is a vintage-themed lifestyle magazine that showcases topics such as hunting and agriculture with a focus on human interest and the community of Moscow.

She enjoys working at the shop with her husband. Even though she doesn’t create floral arrangements as often as she used to, Niccoli said she is glad they can work in harmony every day.

The goal for Home&Harvest is to spread joy within the community, Niccoli said.

Customers can order floral arrangements on the Little House of Florals website for events, like weddings, funerals and special occasions. (COURTESY OF HEATHER NICCOLI)

“I try my best to do good in the world. When I write, I fuse all my positivity and creativity into what I’m working on, and the work attracts good people,” Niccoli said. “I really appreciate all the writers I work with and the whole team. It’s such a pleasure to work with such amazing people. It really feels like I belong here.”

Gayle Anderson, writer for Home&Harvest and friend of Niccoli, said she enjoys the freedom Niccoli gives the magazine writers. She never restricts them to themes and only sets deadlines for their work.

“I really enjoy being able to connect with our readers,” Anderson said. “Personally, my favorite part about reading magazines is viewing someone else’s life and seeing how they share their stories in hopes to inspire others, and I hope we are able to provide that scope for our readers as well.”

Niccoli’s sister Heidi Evans said she admires Niccoli’s hard work and loves the themes and artistry of both the floral shop and magazine.

“One thing that’s really unique about [Home&Harvest] is the styling of the advertisements. I don’t think people necessarily go looking for ads when they’re reading magazines, but when I read Heather’s, I look forward to seeing them,” Evans said. “The magazine has a vintage style, Heather stylizes the ads in a way that compliments the theme.”

Evans also said it has been special to see her sister’s ideas develop from inception to the flourishing shop and publication she has in the present day.

“I think that both the shop and magazine bring something really unique to Moscow and enhances the already rich community,” Evans said.