OPINION: Voting for climate protection is important

Environmental rights, protections are up for debate in elections



Climate change is a major issue, and it’s crucial that we vote to address it.


I was driving through downtown Pullman, and like many others, I saw people holding posters that read, “Vote Climate 2020.”

Many problems we’re facing are directly or indirectly connected to our personal and social attitude to nature: fires, melting of the polar ice and even new strands of deadly viruses.

I do care about the environment, but I wouldn’t say I like it when politicians use environmental problems to get elected. As such, it’s important to understand what’s behind the Vote Climate 2020 motto.

“It is about an urgency we need to act on climate change,” said Patrick Robichaud, civil engineering student. “We all need to work together to address this issue, including politicians.”

It is a significant portion of the human fight to protect our planet and our next generations with the correct political choice. I can acknowledge Donald Trump did nothing to help with this problem. Additionally, he slowed down the environmental processes that started before him.

I think voting means we should take the environment into account before making that mark on the paper.

WSU recently hosted a fantastic event — the TEDxWSU Countdown on Oct. 13, where many questions and problems about the environment and changes in governmental policy were discussed. Scientists provided explanations about the danger of the current situation with our planet and how we can start making positive changes.

I am glad to say that we have a group of conscious people who try to make changes on the governmental level to improve the situation with pollution, global warming and climate change. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a national organization that makes steps for real positive change.

“We work on the national level to try to get people to an Act Carbon policy,” said Judy Meuth, secretary of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Palouse chapter. “We also work at the local level, too. We work on all levels to try to move people forward to build the political will and do something about the climate.”

This organization has a bipartisan climate solution, highlighting the necessary steps to bring us to positive changes. This policy will help reduce emissions by at least 40 percent in the first 12 years and improve people’s health with pollution reduction.

It is good to know that both parties, Democrats and Republicans, are connected in these actions. It means this organization is not focused on supporting a particular political party but instead want to support the right decisions no matter which party brings them into play.

This plan will also create positive changes in economics with 2.1 million new jobs. It is good to see that making changes for the environment does not mean we will lose economically. Some politicians say we need to choose one or the other, but we can have positive changes in both areas, environmental and economical.

Everyone who wants to be a part of these changes will help bring us to a new life full of hope for our clean and healthy future. Join this organization, and live in harmony with nature. It does not matter what your political view is.

I think it is significant to understand the connection between politics and the environment, and before deciding on the choice, everyone should stop and ask oneself: Who will be the best choice for our future and the healthy future of our children?