From advertising to songwriting

Raised in Walla Walla, WSU grad working on releasing first album; two different music sounds lead to two different albums



Kevin Graybill set to release first album February 19, 2021 on Spotify

VICTORIA GIOMI, Evergreen reporter

In 2009, this freshly graduated Coug had no idea where his advertisement degree would take him, and now, just years later he is about to release his first album. WSU alum Kevin Graybill found his passion for music and is now incorporating his advertising degree into his road to musical success.

Graybill is a singer and songwriter who was born in San Diego, California and raised in Walla Walla, Washington. In high school, he found his passion for music and began to write his own while learning how to play the guitar. Graybill ultimately found his style through the music he listened to growing up.

“I listened to so much music growing up,” Graybill said. “My parents would listen to a lot of Van Morrison and Rolling Stones. Then I began to transition, and the first folk singers that inspired me were Ben Harper, John Mayer and Jack Johnson.”

Graybill defines his music style as indie-folk, which allows him to showcase both his guitar skills and vocal range. Since high school, Graybill has also learned how to play the ukulele and the harmonica.

After graduating from WSU in 2009, Graybill went on to start a small business with his father, traveling the country before settling in San Luis Obispo, California. Since then, he has played hundreds of concerts and events, many of them happening this past year.

“I would say the majority of the places I play on the central coast are wineries,” Graybill said. “It’s beautiful, I love it. I get to play out in the vineyards and most of my shows are from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., so I get to sleep in and I finish early.”

Graybill is releasing his first two EPs, “High Tide” and “Low Tide,” this year, each consisting of six songs.

“I tend to write in two different styles. I lived in Seattle for a while so I have an indie-folk, finger-picking introspective when I play,” he said. “A lot of rainy days can inspire that. I also have a beach folk style and California blends itself to that.”

He did not really feel like both of his styles blended together on one album, but Graybill said he wanted to showcase both of them, hence the double EP.

Graybill is set to release his first single from his EP “High Tide” on Spotify on Feb. 19, with both EPs being released in full around mid-April.

In the coming months, Graybill hopes to continue writing more songs and record his new music. He also hopes to plan a national tour once it gets closer to the end of the pandemic.

“I really just want to get all my music out there,” Graybill said. “I have a good gig going right now playing live, and I just want to be able to have music that people can take back home with them after shows.”