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OPINION: Do Black lives matter to city council?

OPINION: Do Black lives matter to city council?

MEGHAN HENRY March 11, 2021

As a result of the Black Lives Matter movement’s reemergence in the media, towns and cities worldwide have rallied their council members and representatives to show their support through public art pieces. Washington...

It is easy to brush aside the numbers of this virus, but it is important for governments to provide the correct ones.

OPINION: Keep countries accountable for COVID-19

JACOB HERSH, Evergreen opinion editor April 29, 2020

Every pandemic has a Patient Zero. There’s always a “cough heard round the world,” if you will. From the AIDS crisis to the 1918 influenza outbreak, there’s always one person who kicks off a whole...

It is easy to find opinions about news events, but dig a little deeper for better information.

OPINION: Don’t rely on opinion programs for your news

GUS WATERS, Evergreen columnist April 29, 2020

Do not get your news from the opinion section. Instead, get your news from an array of trustworthy sources that make you respect other sides. By consuming trustworthy and unbiased news sources, people...

The US cannot stand by and watch as a pandemic starts to spread.

OPINION: The US needs to be more proactive when fighting outbreaks

JACOB HERSH, Evergreen opinion editor April 24, 2020

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a government in possession of power must be in want of something to f-ck up. It’s a scientific law, like gravity. Whenever there’s a serious catastrophe,...

Participating in online town halls is one way you can stay politically active while social distancing.

OPINION: Participate in virtual town halls during the isolation

GUS WATERS, Evergreen columnist April 22, 2020

Virtual town halls during social distancing are a great way to promote activism and knowledge in our political system and are important to hold elected officials accountable.  Town halls are...

The federal government needs to do more to support small businesses.

OPINION: The federal government needs to communicate more

GUS WATERS, Evergreen columnist April 6, 2020

The federal government needs to communicate more to small business owners to help them get the benefits available to them from the stimulus package.  The federal stimulus package contains...

While school districts can choose what to teach, educating people earlier will help stop sex crimes.

OPINION: Sex ed must be taught earlier

GUS WATERS, Evergreen columnist March 27, 2020

The recent comprehensive sex education bill passed by the Washington state legislature mandating that public schools follow eight guidelines protects both family values and promotes sexual safety. The...

While it is important to have your party affiliation to be public, the way it was implemented was questionable

OPINION: Public party affiliation was implemented badly

GUS WATERS, Evergreen columnist March 23, 2020

Washington State should maintain the public status of voter party affiliation for its presidential primaries because it creates a transparent and competitive political process. Will Casey, communications...

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