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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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AWARE Network gives WSU students a way to report worrisome behavior

CODY COTTIER | Evergreen reporter November 13, 2015

When concerns arise about a student’s physical or mental health, the AWARE Network provides a platform through which these matters can be shared with people who can help.The AWARE report portal asks...

Satiating the mental munchies

There is a universal understanding that diet and food can affect muscle, but what about mental muscle?Links between diet and mental health is a relatively new field. There is the obvious reason people...

Misconceptions about mental health and shootings

Lars Hanson | Evergreen reporter November 13, 2015

The common misconception in America is that the person pulling the trigger is unstable, and did so because of some diagnosed or undiagnosed illness.Only 2.4 percent of violent crimes committed over a 13-year...

Peaceful homes bring peace of mind

From staff reports November 12, 2015

Home surroundings have a larger impact on mental wellbeing than many might guess.Whether students are living in an apartment, dorm room or sorority or fraternity, a stress-free home is essential to maintaining...

Research shows exercise can decrease stress and mitigate the effects of depression.

Physical factors affect mental health

From staff reports November 12, 2015

College students are at a particularly vulnerable time in life, when mental health issues like depression and anxiety can reach crippling peaks.Numerous studies have found that physical health has a positive...

‘Not all experiences turn out like mine’

JORDEN WILSON | Evergreen columnist November 12, 2015

The mental health series really hits close to home. Many of my cousins and family, some of whom I never got to meet, have died from suicide or drug overdose.Every few months it seems another family member,...

Eliminating mental health stigmas starts with speech

How often do we hear these words in common speech? “She’s so bipolar.” “I hate having a messy room, I’m so OCD.” “Wow, what a schizo.” “He’s so retarded.”For me, it’s pretty often....

The vicious cycle of alcoholism and mental health

NICK NGUYEN | Evergreen reporter November 12, 2015

Win or lose, Cougs booze.The often-cited ‘unofficial’ motto of Washington State University hides a more concerning reality: how we cope with stress.The United States tops the world in stress, with...

Feeding the brain what it needs

Ethen Ashcraft | Evergreen reporter November 12, 2015

Eating properly isn’t just a good habit for having a healthy body, it’s also a good habit for having a healthy mind.Eating healthily is a simple method of bolstering mental health; eating right helps...

Fighting the freshman blues

The first semester of college can be tough. New people, unfamiliar surroundings, living more or less on your own for the first time; it can get a bit overwhelming.It’s not at all uncommon for college...

WSU works to accommodate for many types of service animals, and even provides dogs to pet for stress relief each semester during finals week.

WSU accomodates the mental health needs of particular students with dogs, cats and other stress-relieving pets

CASIE MOE | Evergreen reporter November 10, 2015

When scrolling through social media, cat and dog videos or memes are sure to make people pause. A cuddly kitten or a cute puppy can make most days better.This is because animals have been proven to make...

Letter from the editor: ‘This conversation is far from over’

Thanks for reading stories from the first part of The Daily Evergreen’s special series “Open Minds | Students, Stigmas and Mental Health.”This series is a continuation of our award-winning mental...

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