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Baby, it’s cold outside; recreational date ideas

Baby, it's cold outside; recreational date ideas
ABBY STUDENT | Evergreen sex and relationship columnist January 20, 2015

Dearest fellow students,I spent last semester telling you how to get your heart rate up indoors. Now that spring has sprung, or at least the semester has, I want to focus on doing it outside.No, pervert,...

Sink the cost, it’s worth it

BY ADAM FELCYN | Evergreen columnist January 20, 2015

The weather outside is frightful, but man the mountains are making me furious. As the winter begins its victory lap in the mountains, snowboarders and skiers everywhere are eagerly waiting for a good snowfall....

Boards are better on the slopes

Boards are better on the slopes
BY BRYAN ALLEN | Evergreen columnist January 20, 2015

When it comes to having fun on the mountain, skiers have the wrong idea and consistently bully snowboarders.Sometimes even the staff gets in on the harassment. At Snowbasin Resort in Utah, one patroller...

Where to rock: a geology field guide

Palouse Falls illustrates geological features unique to the Inland Northwest.
ADDY FORTE | Evergreen reporter January 20, 2015

Hiking, driving, jazzercising… however students get around the Palouse, they’re bound to pass one of the area’s many unique rock formations.Kurtis Wilkie, WSU School of the Environment instructor,...

You want it, UREC’s got it

KEVIN VALLENE | Evergreen reporter January 20, 2015

Getting to the gym and getting motivated to work out can be a challenge for many people, especially students. Having to juggle so many obligations can make creating and sticking to a workout plan daunting.That's...

Staying safe on the slopes

CATHERINE KRUSE | Evergreen columnist January 20, 2015

The crispness of the air, smoothness of the snow and the promise of hot chocolate gives way to a wonderful day on the slopes—until the board hits a bump and sends its rider flying.With winter comes many...

No mountain high enough

BY KELSEY JONES | Evergreen sports editor January 20, 2015

One step. The air was so cold it had frozen the sunscreen on his face into a white mask. Two steps. The exhaustion had hit so hard that his body was shaking and breath was shallow. Three steps. There it...

The best places to hit the slopes

BY MICHELLE FREDRICKSON | Evergreen editor-in-chief January 20, 2015

One of the toughest things about leaving the West side of the state to live in Pullman was, for me, abandoning the mountains.I absolutely love the mountains. There is nothing that can clear my mind and...

Weather outside is frightful, hiking trails are delightful

BROOKELYNN GRADITI | Evergreen reporter January 20, 2015

Pullman residents don’t have to let the snow, rain or fog keep them from exploring the Palouse.While it may seem the only thing to do during the winter months is to hide beneath layers of blankets, there...

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