The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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Michael Letko, assistant professor for the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, works in his lab. He is part of a team that is working to determine which coronaviruses can infect humans.

Researchers create coronavirus database

KASSANDRA VOGEL, Evergreen reporter April 8, 2021

WSU researchers have developed a database to group and organize coronaviruses that may help with pandemic preparedness in the future. The database contains data about thousands of coronaviruses, many...

Smith will not be able to attend the first game of the season.

Smith tests positive for coronavirus

RYAN ROOT, Evergreen reporter November 19, 2020

Men’s basketball head coach Kyle Smith tested positive for COVID-19 Wednesday afternoon, just one week before the Cougars’ season opener against Texas Southern University on Nov. 25. Smith experienced...

The effect of coronavirus on dogs is more nuanced than it appears.

Guest column: COVID-19 column needs reassessment

CHARLIE POWELL, Guest columnist October 28, 2020

The Oct. 22 Daily Evergreen opinion piece written by Jacqueline Maldonado-Hernandez titled “Protect dogs from COVID-19” contained an emotional risk assessment and errors that need correction. In...

Spring break is a time to relax and unwind — students need that.

OPINION: Bring back spring break for WSU students

MADELINE GREER October 22, 2020

WSU recently announced its plans to cancel spring break for spring 2021. They decided to add three days off during the semester and start the semester a week later than originally scheduled. These days...

Dogs detecting coronavirus puts them at risk, and we have to consider whether that’s acceptable.

OPINION: Protect dogs from COVID-19


Dogs are now being used at Helsinki Airport to detect COVID-19 on arriving passengers, but they might be more at risk than we think. Elian Peltier, a writer for The New York Times, wrote that the dogs...

Testing and vaccinating for the coronavirus is proving significantly more difficult than we thought.

OPINION: Coronavirus control is a lot harder than we think

DIANA RIOS October 7, 2020

An era of misinformation has led to the rejection of science and verifiable information, although this has proven to have visible cause and effect by the transmission of what we know as the coronavirus. March...

Its tempting to cast blame on one group, but students and admin are both equally responsible for the COVID-19 problems in Pullman.

OPINION: Students, admin are both to blame for COVID spike

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor September 17, 2020

As COVID-19 cases rise dramatically in the Pullman, people are beginning to point fingers, and many are choosing sides. In most people’s minds, it’s either the students or the administration who should...

Wi-Fi issues, resource allocation, lack of electronics — these are all problems affecting rural students with little to no access to the necessities that go along with online school and college courses.

OPINION: Online learning hurts rural students

MACKENNA ROWE September 17, 2020

The world feels like it’s ending. The stress of economics, pandemics and now fires affect most students and families in Washington. These stresses also affect education for students, especially those...

Students came back in large numbers this fall – but the reasons why arent always so clear.

OPINION: Pullman students came back for many reasons

GRACE LAPIERRE September 15, 2020

Those of us who came back to Pullman know why we did. Sometimes, though, it is hard not to wonder why someone else returned in spite of the risk, and especially given the university's guidelines. While...

WSUs rate of COVID-19 cases is going up, but only because students arent obeying social distancing guidelines.

OPINION: Students need to follow COVID-19 guidelines

MACKENNA ROWE September 2, 2020

Whitman County has seen a dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases as students return to Pullman. The case surge was created by an unexpectedly high number of students moving back — some of whom are not following...

The high school class of 2020 has dealt with online graduations, Zoom classes and much more. How will they adapt to college life?

OPINION: COVID-19’s effect on high school grads

JOEY FRANKLIN August 26, 2020

Senior year did not turn out as expected for high school students anywhere. On March 13, Gov. Jay Inslee ordered schools to shut down in-person classes and move to online learning. This was not a huge...

The students of today will be the doctors of tomorrow; but do we need more of them?

OPINION: More freshmen in medical school

MACKENNA ROWE August 25, 2020

Since the 1918 influenza pandemic, health workers have been preparing for the next one to hit. It's still a hotly debated question as to whether having more people join the medical field would make a difference...

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