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Guest column: COVID-19 column needs reassessment

The effect of coronavirus on dogs is more nuanced than it appears.
CHARLIE POWELL, Guest columnist October 27, 2020

The Oct. 22 Daily Evergreen opinion piece written by Jacqueline Maldonado-Hernandez titled “Protect dogs from COVID-19” contained an emotional risk assessment and errors that need correction. In...

OPINION: Protect dogs from COVID-19

Dogs detecting coronavirus puts them at risk, and we have to consider whether that’s acceptable.
JACQUELINE MALDONADO-HERNANDEZ, Evergreen columnist October 21, 2020

Dogs are now being used at Helsinki Airport to detect COVID-19 on arriving passengers, but they might be more at risk than we think. Elian Peltier, a writer for The New York Times, wrote that the dogs...

OPINION: Adopt, don’t shop for pets

When determining whether to buy or adopt a new pet, adoption is always the best answer.
MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen columnist September 28, 2020

It’s romanticized, but in truth, the "Adopt, Don't Shop" ideal really does save animal lives. Animals of all kinds find their way to shelters like Whitman County Humane Society for many reasons. The...

Ask Emma: I want to get a dog

Dogs are great companions and deserve a forever home, but don’t get one if you can’t provide that.
EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen columnist June 28, 2020

Dear Emma, Everyone I know has a dog or is getting one. I really want one but am living at home and haven’t been able to convince my mom yet. I keep suggesting that I can take it back to school with...

OPINION: Satire: Dogs and cats react to the quarantine

Dogs and cats have responded very differently to the coronavirus quarantine.
JACOB HERSH, Evergreen opinion editor May 12, 2020

While many have studied and acknowledged the impact of the quarantine on the economy, local business and healthcare workers, few have examined the effect the lockdown has had on our furry animal companions....

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