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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

The Daily Evergreen

WSUs Glenn Terrell Mall on campus, Pullman, Wash.

Things to do to destress during finals

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Editor-in-chief December 7, 2023

Happy dead week everybody! I hope your finals are going well and you can find a way to destress during the next week. If you have some spare time during your finals week, I have some fun activities to...

Fight procrastination and get through the final stretch of the semester.

Ask Life: How to deal with procrastination during finals week?

SIA CHHEDA, Evergreen reporter December 5, 2023

Dear Life Section, I have been in a healthy relationship with my classwork and grades until now. However, as finals week comes closer, I am losing track of time and finding it difficult to focus on...

WSUs Glenn Terrell Mall on campus, Pullman, Wash.

Holiday activities to do to relax from finals

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Editor-in-chief November 30, 2023

Welcome back! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break. Finals are kicking off these next couple of weeks, but if you are looking to take a break and ignore school for a little while, I have...

Science of sleep

Science of sleep

ISABELLE BUSCH, Evergreen reporter, columnist April 21, 2022

Especially for college students, sleep is a vital resource! Getting enough hours a night may pose a constant challenge for us, but many species in the animal world evolved clever ways to sneak in some...

If you are the last one standing, you get an A!

Satire: Dean of Students announces first bi-annual Hunger Games to replace dead week

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist April 21, 2022

The Office of the Dean of Students recently put out a campus-wide announcement  that the week of April 24 will no longer be considered “Dead Week.” Replacing it will be WSU’s first bi-annual...

For students feeling stressed at the end of the semester, breathing practices can help regulate the body and bring a sense of calm.

Pass your finals by staying mentally, academically, physically well

CALLIE GERBER, Evergreen reporter December 10, 2021

Students can sometimes get so stressed over finals they forget to take care of themselves. This is a guide on how to stay mentally well, academically successful and physically healthy. Mental health...

It is very difficult for many students to find the motivation to finish the semester out strong.

OPINION: Students deal differently with virtual finals stress

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Editor-in-chief April 21, 2021

As finals week approaches, WSU students are starting to feel the stress of preparing for exams, as well as burnout from all the studying. Max Litvak, junior marketing and hospitality and business management...

Finals, coronavirus stress and student life have all conspired to make student burnout even more prevalent than before.

OPINION: Beware of student burnout

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor December 10, 2020

Just opening my laptop to begin this column took quite a bit out of me, I won’t lie. Many breaks were required. I rewarded myself for every line I wrote … the typical just-get-through-the-finish-line...

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