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Guest column: COVID-19 column needs reassessment

The effect of coronavirus on dogs is more nuanced than it appears.
CHARLIE POWELL, Guest columnist October 27, 2020

The Oct. 22 Daily Evergreen opinion piece written by Jacqueline Maldonado-Hernandez titled “Protect dogs from COVID-19” contained an emotional risk assessment and errors that need correction. In...

OPINION: Protect dogs from COVID-19

Dogs detecting coronavirus puts them at risk, and we have to consider whether that’s acceptable.
JACQUELINE MALDONADO-HERNANDEZ, Evergreen columnist October 21, 2020

Dogs are now being used at Helsinki Airport to detect COVID-19 on arriving passengers, but they might be more at risk than we think. Elian Peltier, a writer for The New York Times, wrote that the dogs...

OPINION: Coronavirus control is a lot harder than we think

Testing and vaccinating for the coronavirus is proving significantly more difficult than we thought.
DIANA RIOS, Evergreen columnist October 6, 2020

An era of misinformation has led to the rejection of science and verifiable information, although this has proven to have visible cause and effect by the transmission of what we know as the coronavirus. March...

100 years later: Another pandemic hits

WSU, formerly known as Washington State College, did not allow townspeople to visit campus during the 1918 pandemic. Cases slowed in the winter but spiked in the fall.
EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen reporter September 30, 2020

People alive today have become familiar with widespread mask usage, self-quarantines and the politicization of a public health crisis.  Just over 100 years ago, conditions were eerily similar, said...

OPINION: Coronavirus pandemic is affecting mental health

Mental health issues are some of the lesser-known side effects of a stressful worldwide pandemic.
MACKENNA ROWE, Evergreen columnist September 23, 2020

As of June, around 40.9 percent of people in the U.S. are reporting at least one mental or behavioral health condition since the start of the pandemic. Scientists and researchers are working tirelessly...

OPINION: Students, admin are both to blame for COVID spike

It's tempting to cast blame on one group, but students and admin are both equally responsible for the COVID-19 problems in Pullman.
MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen columnist September 16, 2020

As COVID-19 cases rise dramatically in the Pullman, people are beginning to point fingers, and many are choosing sides. In most people’s minds, it’s either the students or the administration who should...

OPINION: More freshmen in medical school

The students of today will be the doctors of tomorrow; but do we need more of them?
MACKENNA ROWE, Evergreen columnist August 24, 2020

Since the 1918 influenza pandemic, health workers have been preparing for the next one to hit. It's still a hotly debated question as to whether having more people join the medical field would make a difference...

OPINION: Touchless payment is the way of the future

Touchless and mobile payments minimize risk of viral transmission for the customer and the business.
ADAM HUREAU, Evergreen columnist June 30, 2020

More businesses need to use mobile payment systems. Mobile payment, or touchless payment as it is sometimes called, has become one of the most convenient methods of transaction. In an age where technology...

OPINION: WSU should prioritize student safety this fall

Students and staff alike need to put their safety ahead of everything else when making decisions about the fall semester.
ADAM HUREAU, Evergreen columnist June 2, 2020

There has been a lot of uncertainty recently about whether or not WSU will open up again in the fall. President Kirk Schulz has already made it clear that he wishes to move back to face-to-face instruction...

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