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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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The student voice of Washington State University since 1895

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We allow the media to control our information — what if we as a society regained control of the news?

OPINION: Media must regain public trust

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen reporter, columnist January 13, 2022

It is getting significantly harder to trust news sources. Yes, this is coming from someone who works in journalism. It is no surprise that most major outlets for news have begun to lose their credibility...

With the state of COVID-19 and the winter weather, admin is putting students and faculty at risk.

OPINION: WSU administration puts money over safety of students, staff

KESTRA ENGSTROM, Evergreen Opinion Editor January 6, 2022

“Amazing job at taking a longer time to introduce the panel of people [than] addressing traveling back to Pullman from the West Side!” “They don’t give a crap about our safety/health and...

Attention on Jeffrey Epsteins life of crime and eventual death hang over Maxwells trial.

Fair trial for Ghislaine Maxwell impossible

JACOB HERSH, Evergreen columnist December 2, 2021

  *Editor's Note: All mentions of Ghislaine Maxwell's charges and alleged illegal actions have been changed to be preceded by "allegedly" or "alleged," as Maxwell's guilt has yet to be determined...

Are politics seeping into your living situation? Ask Emma has some advice on how to navigate that tricky situation.

Ask Emma: How do I handle political conversations with my roommates?

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor November 19, 2021

Dear Emma, I have several roommates. We get along pretty well — except when it comes to political conversations. I don’t want to get into our different ideologies, but we very much differ when it...

Outside Looking In features research and work from WSU professors, faculty and alumni.

WSU professors, alumni publish political science book

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter November 18, 2021

Multiple WSU staff, faculty and alumni collaborated in putting together a book that examines current political discourse in U.S. state legislatures. “Outside Looking In: Lobbyists’ Views on...

One of the most important rights we have is voting. Are Cougs exercising it?

Students should vote in local elections

JUSTIN WASHINGTON, Evergreen reporter, columnist November 3, 2021

One of the best things about this country is our right to vote. We get to choose our leaders, our representatives and the policies of our local areas. It is an important gift in our society. However,...

Determining what your own opinions and beliefs are outside of your friends and peers gives you a leg up in self-confidence.

Do not be a sheep

SAMANTHA RADCLIFFE, Evergreen columnist November 3, 2021

In our society, we are ruled by democracy. Rather, we are ruled by the will of the majority. We tend to blindly listen to and accept the majority opinion, even when it is evidently illogical or unreasonable.  For...

COVID-19 vaccine shows hypocrisy of Left

SAMANTHA RADCLIFFE, Evergreen columnist August 22, 2021

*Editor's note: One interviewee will remain anonymous to avoid any blowback. Due to extenuating circumstances, the original visual was removed. In recent years, the Black Lives Matter movement has brought...

Past Republican party leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Everett Dirksen have represented the best of the Republican party, and Rep. Liz Cheney could be the next to do so.

Letter to the Editor: Republican party needs strong, honest, equality-minded leaders

Norm Luther, Contributor May 23, 2021

Very seldom I agree with [U.S. Rep.] Liz Cheney on policy. I disliked her father making too many decisions for George W. Bush and usually disagreed with them. But right now, Liz Cheney is my No....

Bateman competition team reflects on their campaign 

Bateman competition team reflects on their campaign 

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter March 8, 2021

As the 2021 Bateman Case Study Competition comes to a close, a team of WSU students reflects on their campaign that raised awareness about incivility in public discourse and promoted individuals to “be...

The team created four keys for fostering civility: listen, acknowledge, empathize and respect. The keys serve as resources people can remember when engaging in public discourse.

Students compete in national public relations competition

JAYCE CARRAL, Evergreen reporter February 22, 2021

In hopes of fostering civility during public discourse among WSU students and Washington elected officials, four WSU students created and are running a public relations campaign as part of the 2021 Bateman...

Handy in slight lead over Kinzer

Handy in slight lead over Kinzer

ALEXANDRIA OSBORNE, Evergreen reporter November 11, 2020

Tom Handy has a small lead over Dean Kinzer for the County Commissioner 2 seat, according to recent election results. Tom Handy has a little more than 50 percent of the votes. Incumbent Dean Kinzer,...

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