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Ask Life: How to decorate room after moving to Pullman?

Declutter and find personal touches with local establishments
Try choosing one color scheme for your room and decorating accordingly.

Dear Life Section,

I recently moved into a new apartment close to campus. I want to arrange all of my belongings and decorate the room to make it look liveable.

Can you help me figure all of this out?


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New Resident


Dear New Resident,

It can be challenging as well as stressful to move to a new place. However, arranging your bedroom is an exciting project.

Segregating the required and unnecessary things you own can be helpful. Begin with decluttering. All unnecessary items go to donation centers, the trash or the recycling.

You can donate clothes to the LGBTQ+ Student Center and edible food items to the Cougar Food Pantry. Palouse Treasures Thrift Store and Cooper’s Legacy Foundation also accept and sell all manner of items.

This will help create a blank canvas for rearranging and decorating.

Plan a layout. Decide where you want your bed, side table, study table and any other required furniture. Consider the available space in the room, allowing yourself room to walk around freely. Decide whether you want your bed on the floor or raised on bed frames; the area under the bed can be great storage space.

Higginson’s Home Center and Renaissance Fine Woodworking both have options for furniture.

Choose a color scheme that reflects your personal style and creates a positive study environment. Choose comfortable sheets, duvets and pillow covers accordingly. A cozy carpet can be a perfect addition to your color palette.

Install curtains or blinds to control the natural light entering your room. Choose curtains according to your color scheme to enhance the aesthetic of the room.

Consider different lighting options like bedside lamps, LED lights, fairy lights or different types of cloud lighting according to your taste to set a mood and create an ambiance in your bedroom.

Incorporate some personal touches like real or artificial plants, photos, posters and paintings that reflect your personality and interests.

You can find plants at A Modern Plantsman and SYG Nursery and Landscaping.

Garage sales, local thrift stores and student sellers are good ways to find inexpensive artwork. The Pullman Arts Foundation also allows artists to sell their work. Artists can sell printable artwork online in a huge variety at affordable prices.

You may use Pinterest to create mood boards and generate ideas that reflect your personality. Arrange all these collections in a symmetric or collage-like style as per your visual interest.

You may add some final touches as needed. Decorative pillows and throw blankets can complete the look of your room. Different textures, patterns and mirror placements can add depth and dimension to your space.

The key is to be patient and to create a relaxing environment that will enhance your personal style; enjoy the process of making your new bedroom feel like your new home.


The Life Section

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