SMASHCLUB rocks the stage: Best local band

From staff reports

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The musical group SMASHCLUB has won the Student Choice Awards for best local band.

The group is composed of three members, James Campbell, a senior music composition major at WSU, Kevin Herriman, a sophomore psychology major at WSU and Todd Maegerle, a student at the University of Washington.

SMASHCLUB describes their music as garbage rap and compares it to The Sooper Swag Project.

“We ran over trap beats, we are like a punk show that raps,” Herriman said.

The group has been together for about 2 and half years and has released 2 albums, THE HYPH E.P. and GO HOME.

SMASHCLUB has a split audience between Seattle and Pullman. Most of their gigs in Pullman tend to be house parties.

“When we have a show, we try to get 200-300 people there,” Campbell said. “There is a certain feeling about being in a room full of people screaming.”

SMASHCLUB is all about the live experience.

“We provide energy for the room, a battery for the party,” Herriman said.

SMASHCLUB will be playing at the Kazzuapalousa Music Festival held April 18 at the Bell Tower.

Reporting by Cole Campitiello