Home sweet hall



“We are planning on assigning all housing with limited COVID-19 restrictions. Meaning that most common areas will be open without limits.”

From staff reports

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The residents of Scott/Coman understand the importance of scholarship and community.

The co-ed residence hall houses about 300 students who have the opportunity to follow the Scott/Coman Scholars Code.

“The Scholars Code helps build that really solid community,” said Jared Ward, assistant hall director.

The Code advocates leadership, scholarship, intercultural awareness, life skills, and many more constructive values for students. Scott/Coman tries to have programs that are fun for students while promoting the Code. At the beginning of the year, there was a bulletin board on each floor describing the importance of the Code.

This year, two Scott/Coman residents also won $250 scholarships

While the Code is a staple of Scott/Coman culture, it is really the hall government, the executive board, resident advisors, and residents that make the hall such a great community, Ward said.

Reporting by Forrest Holt