Cougar Country serves Best Burger

From staff reports

Cougar Country, with its all-fresh meat patties splattered with special sauce, was chosen as students’ ideal place to grab a burger.

Brian Power, manager of the restaurant for two years, said it’s rewarding to serve everyone in Pullman, from students to families.

Cougar Country is a tradition in Pullman and the restaurant has been serving folks for over 40 years, Power said.

“We’re a staple of the community,” Power said.

Cougar Country’s burgers are made with fresh meat complemented by a special sauce, Power said. Most of the sauces served are homemade, said Richard Marshall, assistant manager.

“You order it, and we start cooking it,” Marshall said. “There’s no pre-done.”

Not wanting to give away the full secret, Power said the burger sauce is a combination of a variety of condiments. He said every now and then, even the fry sauce will be added to the patties to increase flavor. The best part about the job is making good food for people to enjoy, Marshall said.

“We really are amazingly humbled,” Power said.

Reporting by Darold Lee Bivens