Breakfast of champions

The Old European has been crafting traditional European food since 1989 when Francie Parker opened the shop up for business, said manager Channing Benson.

Upon walking into the humble insides of the restaurant, one is greeted by warm and welcoming smiles and treated as if the employees have known them for years. Benson said the restaurants quality of service is what makes them stand out from other breakfast places.

The restaurant also has unique dishes such as aebleskivers, Benson said. The solid yet fluffy pancake balls are dug into one-by-one by hungry customers, as Benson said they are one of the most popular items on the menu.

Throughout the years, menu items have been named and created by longtime customers who have specific tastes, Benson said.

A man named Leo would go into the restaurant and order crapes with bananas, cream, caramels and pecans, she said.  Leo would have the crapes so often, Benson said they became an official menu item named “Leo’s Crapes.”

“We love it here, and we’re glad that our customers keep coming back,” Benson said.