Astrology can be used for self-improvement

Not aligning with given sign leads to disinterest; people should reconsider horoscopes



Reading astrology is a form of art. Everyone’s is unique to them.


Everyone already has an image that comes to mind when they hear about astrology. Posts on social media will claim that certain traits only align with specific signs. However, some people may find they do not have similar traits to their sign or agree with another sign more, leading to disinterest.

However, there is more to astrology than meets the eye. What you usually see is only one small aspect of astrology; there are many other factors that make it up. Media posts are only sun signs, whereas everything else receives less coverage. When you search a little further, you may notice there are more signs that you align with! You may be a Cancer sun with a Libra moon and Gemini ascendant/rising.

So, what the heck does that mean?! To simplify it, your sun sign represents your identity, and it is the core of your natal chart. Your moon sign is what you can see as your emotional and maybe more private side. Because of this, some people identify with their moon sign more than their sun sign. And finally, your ascendant, or rising sign, is how you socially appear to others.

Great! Now you have more knowledge on astrology, but that is not even close to all of it. It is easy to generate your natal chart and start learning. To create your natal chart, you need your birth date, birth time and location of birth — then the rest follows accordingly.

The next exciting thing you can learn about are the houses in your chart and what rules them. When you get your natal chart, it will be divided into 12 sections or houses. Each house has a different significance, and depending on what the planets are, it can tell more about you. A different sign for you rules each planet, so reading your chart is understanding the planet in a sign in a house.

An example is that Mercury is in Scorpio in the 11th house. To understand this, we look at what is associated with Mercury, which is communication and learning. Scorpios are known for being intense and straightforward with what they have to say. And the 11th house is a positive one, and it has to do with social activity, groups, organizations and networking.

Now, tying this all together, these placements can be seen as passionate speakers that can get carried away by personal involvement and judgment. Having a Mercury in the 11th can also signify that social life comes easily and it is easy to make friends.

All of that from one area in a chart! And that is not even all of it — there can be more and more to learn about each placement.

You may also notice you have two nodes on your chart. These are the south node and the north node. They will always be exactly opposite of each other wherever placed. Your south node comprises who you are and what you have experienced; it may show your habits that you have developed and a comfort zone or safety net that you can rely on. However, the north node shows you what areas in your chart you should improve to become a more refined version of yourself and make the most impactful growth.

Things get more complicated the more you go into it, but the way I see it, reading astrology is a form of art. It is so individualized and unique to each person, but it is not predetermined. I enjoy that it can be used as a tool for self-improvement and growth, but nothing is set in stone. Astrology can be a tool to get through difficult times and learn from challenges.