Air fryer biscuits and gravy

Use minimal dishes to create this delicious recipe



Biscuits and gravy can be delicious while still being inexpensive.

CARSON HOLLAND, Evergreen columnist

Most of the food I decide to make for myself has to fall into one or more of three categories. It either has to be easy to make, cheap or something delicious I saw on a food cooking show. If I had more baking dishes, the “Great British Baking Show” would be my greatest weakness. Regardless, I found that this dish of biscuits and gravy fit into all three categories and decided to give it a college try.

While watching some food network show or another, I saw someone bring out a heaping pile of biscuits and gravy that made me hungry just looking at it. Of course, it would be difficult for me to replicate it precisely due to the first two categories listed above, but I figured that with a pan and air fryer, I could make a half passable version that would still taste great. 

The result was quite delicious, and I will certainly be making these again. Another meal to add to the recipe book that was tasty and did not make me groan when I looked at the cost, so aim for the one you enjoy the most. This recipe will highlight a relatively simple sausage gravy. 


  • One can of biscuits
  • ~10 ounces of ground pork
  • One-fourth cup of flour 
  • Two cups of milk
  • Salt
  • Pepper 
  • Paprika
  • Other spices (always optional to taste)


Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: ~15 Minutes

  • Use your air fryer or oven for baking the biscuits according to package instructions. Generally speaking, if the package does not have air fryer instructions, you can cook it using the exact same instructions as the oven section. 
  • Add ground pork into a skillet or pan, cooking for about five to six minutes. You do not need to add any oil as the pork should take care of that for you with its fat content. Stir frequently.
  • Add flour while continuing to stir; once incorporated, add the milk little by little. Bring the heat up to high until the mixture thickens and then reduce down to low. If the mixture looks a little runny, feel free to add more flour, though be cautious about how much you add.
  • Once the mixture is thick, add seasoning directly into the gravy. My usual go-to recipe is a simple salt, pepper and paprika but feel free to add whatever you want!
  • Add the gravy to the tops of your now golden brown biscuits and chow down.