Poster sale returns for final week

ASWSU receives 25 percent of profit; different categories of posters available



At Terrell Mall, students browse through bins of posters, hoping to find a hidden gem to decorate their dorms and apartments.

ABBY DAVIS, Evergreen copy chief

WSU students walking along Glenn Terrell Mall have until Sep. 17 to purchase posters, stickers and tapestries from The College Poster Sale Company, which is back in stock and better than ever.

The New York-based company is working with ASWSU, who receives 25 percent of the profit. They already hosted a poster sale in Pullman Aug. 30-Sept. 3.

ASWSU Vice President Alexander Pan said money earned goes directly back to the students for different projects around campus. 

Pan said the poster sale is a good way to put finishing touches on bare dorm and apartment walls. The sale also helps form a sense of community. 

“Everyone’s out there looking at the posters together and whatnot, so it’s a great idea,” he said. 

WSU sophomore Rogan Tinsley said this is his second time coming to the poster sale. This year, he purchased an orange and yellow print by Mark Rothko

Tinsley said he was pleasantly surprised by the poster sale, especially because he thought they would just have album covers. 

“They have a lot of cool stuff,” he said.