Podcast helps people find love

Single person picks who to go on date with in 20-minute podcast episode

Participants in this podcast are given the option of going on a date or becoming a single on the next show.


Participants in this podcast are given the option of going on a date or becoming a single on the next show.

CALLIE GERBER, Evergreen reporter

Podcasts have gained popularity over the last few years and Blind Dating is one of my favorites. The goal of this 20-minute podcast is to help someone find love. This is done by introducing a person looking for love to two strangers who are trying to spice up their love life, but none of them get to see each other’s faces.

The host, Tara Michelle, walks the single person and two strangers through a game, questionnaire and relaxed chat time. At the end of the episode, the single person picks one of the two strangers to go on a date with.

The episode begins with the host, single person and two strangers in the virtual room together. The guests on the show of them introduce themselves. During this time, anyone can make small talk or ask follow-up questions. The vibe of this part is extremely chill and easygoing.

The next round is to play a group game. In one of the episodes, the game was “Never Have I Ever.” The host says a “Never Have I Ever” statement and everyone has to respond about whether or not they’ve done that thing. For example, one of the statements was “never have I ever lied on a dating profile.” Two of the people lied on a dating profile and one person never lied. This round is a great opportunity to learn new things about everyone, hear some stories and get a sense for who people truly are.

The next part of the podcast is the one-on-one dating round. This is where the single person and one of the strangers have a conversation together. The other stranger gets put in the waiting room.

The goal of this round is to get a sense for compatibility with each other. The single person asks the stranger questions and then they both discuss the answer to the questions. The one-on-one date is then repeated with the other stranger. The questions asked are different, but the goal remains the same.

From there, the host and single person go into a virtual room to talk. They discuss how the single person feels about the two strangers, what the single person likes about them, what the single person doesn’t like about them and any other thoughts the single person might have.

The next step is for the reveal to happen on who the single person is going to pick. I personally love this part of the podcast because I enjoy guessing who goes on the date.

Once the single person has picked someone, they all do face reveals. The stranger who wasn’t picked leaves the virtual room. From there, the single person and picked stranger talk. Finally, the stranger has to decide if they would like to go on a date with the single person or if they would like to be the single on a future episode of Blind Dating.

This podcast is the perfect pace for me so that I’m always engaged. I like that the podcast is inclusive by having those who are part of the LGBTQ community on it as well. Unfortunately, there will be no more new episodes of Blind Dating, but there’s a year worth of videos anyone can binge. To access the podcast, go to Spotify and type in “Blind Dating.”

Rating: 8/10