Win prizes at SpookyEscapes

LandEscapes literary arts magazine hosts open mic, costume contest event



Come share your story at the LandEscapes Halloween open mic event.


Picture this: It’s finals week, you wake up early to birds singing and a well-rested body. You head to the kitchen to make your morning coffee, gleefully preparing yourself for the day. The sun is shining through your window as you happily sip your drink.

But something feels amiss. 

You think you might have forgotten something. You check your phone for messages and your eyes widen as you find 25 messages from your class group chat. 

You had an exam at 10 a.m. for a class you haven’t gone to all semester, so it’s your last chance to pass. You look over at your alarm clock, and IT SAYS 10 a.m. You are late for your exam. 

Think you know something scarier? Join LandEscapes on Oct. 28 for its second annual and first in-person SpookyEscapes open mic and share your story! 

Celebrate spooky season in style with your favorite costume and scary stories. Make sure to get your work done and celebrate a little early with other WSU students. 

The event will take place at 6 p.m. in the Avery Building’s Bundy Reading Room. Don’t forget your costumes because there will be a contest for all attending. The winner of the costume contest will receive an Amazon gift card and the glory of being best dressed. 

LandEscapes managing editor Noelle Niemeier said events are usually more in alignment with the literary arts and individuals who might be majoring in a similar topic. However, this Halloween open mic event is geared toward everyone with its spooky theme. 

At the first annual SpookyEscapes event, staff and participants shared scary stories, including original works and stories by other authors. The event was held over zoom and generated excitement among those who were storytelling. 

“We had around 30 people last year, which was awesome because we were worried, considering [we were] holding it online,” LandEscapes editor-in-chief Allyson Pang said. “We are hoping that people will wanna show up in person, especially if they were there last year.”

If someone is uncomfortable reading a story in front of others, Pang said a staff member can read it for them — an accommodation that will remain available for future years.

Pieces read at the open mic are flash fiction or short stories that should remain under 500 words. Along with the open mic, the event will feature Halloween Mad Libs. 

“Since it kinda goes along with literary and writing,” Niemeier said, “People will give us word suggestions, and it was really funny last year, so hopefully it’s just as fun this year.”

Cookies and individually packaged snacks will be provided for those attending the event. Come hungry, ready to read and enjoy some scary stories!