Five best places to study, crank out papers on campus

Find quiet spot to study; relax in time for end of fall semester



Students study in the Spark building on Wednesday in Pullman.


With the end of the semester quickly approaching, we’re all looking for somewhere to crank out term papers and cram for exams. Here are five great campus study spots.

5. Chinook Student Center 

With private study rooms, napping pods and device charging stations, the Chinook Student Center features a modern and comfortable study space. Freshens and the Espresso Bar inside are great to have for those long afternoons with your head in a book. 

However, the gym downstairs often plays music and brings a lot of foot traffic through the building, so if dead silence is what you need to study, then the Chinook may not be the space for you. 

It may be best used for meeting up with classmates for a group project or a study session.

4. Todd Hall

The Atrium Cafe inside Todd Hall has some of my favorite drinks, snacks and sandwiches on campus, which places Todd Hall high on my list of places to hang out on campus.

Todd Hall is busy in between classes when everyone is walking through the halls. But if you find a place to sit, it can be a great study location. I have found the best luck for seating on the second floor.

3. Compton Union Building 

With a variety of food options, the CUB is a nice place to stop in for a bite to eat and a study session. Downstairs near the Reunion, there is a large room of tables that are typically available for studying.

The CUB is central on campus, so it’s easy to get to and a great stop when you have a break between your classes.

The upstairs can be noisy and busy, so it is not always my favorite place to be, but I love to stop by the Freshens for a pick-me-up. 

2. Spark Academic Innovation Hub

Although the Starbucks line may be long, a cup of coffee always helps me get work done and something about the smell of coffee creates a better studying environment.

The Spark lives up to its title as an “academic innovation hub” because something about the clean, modern feeling of the space allows students to work for hours in comfort. The building also has private study rooms to work with classmates in. 

In the warmer months, the outside patio on the third floor is a beautiful space to sit and get work done with some fresh air and a view.

1. Holland and Terrell Libraries 

Nothing beats a classic. Holland and Terrell Libraries are where I find I can always get the most work done with the fewest distractions. 

My favorite spot is on the second floor of Holland Library. The desks are big and always near an outlet. They typically face the walls, so I never get distracted.

The silence of the library creates an ideal study atmosphere for me. The rows of books help create a studious environment, even if you access all your sources online. 

The central location of the libraries makes it easy to stop in between classes and the parking lot underneath the library makes it quick to get to if you have to drive to campus. 

Plus, the libraries are open 24 hours on most weeknights if you need to pull an all-nighter before an exam.