Whitman County Library offers free COVID-19 take-home tests

Tests are recommended for people with mild symptoms; shipping instructions are provided



COVID-19 take-home tests are available for free through the Whitman County Library.

JOSIAH PIKE, Evergreen news co-editor

Whitman County Library is offering free COVID-19 take-home tests for people who need them. 

There are plenty of tests for anyone who suspects they are sick or has symptoms, said Corrin McMichael, Whitman County Public Health epidemiology and vaccine coordinator.

While they do not have specific numbers for how many people have taken tests, many people have gotten them since they have been stocked, she said.

“There haven’t really been any problems with keeping them stocked,” McMichael said. “The only place where we may be running out is the Colfax location, but we still have them.”

The tests require a nasal swab to determine COVID-19 status. The tests are extremely accurate and rarely have a wrong result, she said.

“The tests offered are rapid tests,” McMichael said. “The results should come back pretty quickly.”

Instructions for shipping the test and seeing results are written on the tests, she said.

McMichael said the tests are mostly recommended for use by people with no symptoms or mild symptoms.

“If you have severe symptoms, you should probably seek medical help,” McMichael said. “You don’t really need to check with a test.”

McMichael said those wishing to get a test just need to go to the library in person and pick them up there.