Restaurants providing plant-based food in Pullman

Local restaurants have good options for vegetarian, vegan eaters



Main Street in downtown Pullman is home to many different restaurants, cafes and bars.


There’s a huge misconception that you have to be in an urban area to find good vegetarian or vegan food at a fair price. Pullman has a multitude of great options for plant-based eaters, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or just looking to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

This is a list of some of my favorite plant-based dishes at local Pullman restaurants.

O-Ramen: Vegan Ramen

It can be difficult to find a hearty vegan soup to warm those cold winter days, but O-Ramen hits the nail on the head with their vegan ramen. The broth is made from garbanzo beans, rather than typical vegetable broth or miso soup, so it’s rich and creamy. I like to add tofu. Although it is an extra $2, it really enhances the bowl. 

Yia Yia Nikki’s: Falafel Pita

Greek food is one of my favorites because there’s always such great vegetarian options that are still packed with flavor and super satisfying. Yia Yia Nikki’s falafel pita is a good source of protein, and it’s packed with vegetables. Yia Yia Nikki’s also has other great plant-based options such as salads and the hummus platter. 

South Fork Public House: Black Bean Burger

South Fork makes their black bean patty in-house, which makes it super fresh and unique to their restaurant. The burger is my favorite there, but you can also replace the chicken on the southwest chicken salad with the black bean patty, which is a really tasty alternative. 

Paradise Creek Brewery: Vegan Palouse Lentil Chili

Another soup on the list, because who doesn’t love soup? This lentil chili is so comforting and satisfying you won’t even notice it’s vegetarian. Paradise Creek has a version of this chili with meat and one without, so be careful when you order. The chili is made with local lentils, which is something to feel good about. 

Tin Tan Tacos: Vegetarian Burrito

Tin Tan’s vegetarian burrito is by far one of my favorite late-night meals. The fries inside take this burrito to the next level. I always add avocado to it and get their red sauce on the side. It comes with sour cream and cheese but can be omitted to make the burrito vegan. 

Red Bento: Vegetable Roll 

Red Bento has a lot of vegetarian items from pad thai to tofu teriyaki, but for me, nothing beats sushi. I crave sushi so often, and I have found that vegetable rolls are sometimes just as satisfying as rolls with fish. Red Bento has an avocado roll, cucumber roll and a tempura vegetable roll too. These are also great options for a picky eater who doesn’t like fish. I also love Red Bento’s miso soup and edamame as sides with the sushi. 

Roost Coffee & Market: Lattes and pastries

In my opinion, Roost has some of the best coffee in the area. I love their lattes and they have house-made syrups like lavender and pumpkin spice to add to any drink. They have plant-based milk alternatives to make any drink vegan. They serve fresh pastries daily and always have multiple that are vegan and gluten-free. Roost also has a veggie breakfast burrito that is to die for.