Leditor: In my opinion, it was pretty alright

This semester brought Evergreeners opportunities to grow, learn, laugh together



My coworkers have made this experience the best. I cannot wait for next semester.

MEGHAN HENRY, Evergreen managing editor

A lot of times, columnists feel like they are shouting into the void. “Greek Life has to be more inclusive!” “Students need better care from Cougar Health Services!” “International students need more support!” “BookTok books are really good; you should read them!”

But a journalist I have the utmost respect for told me that, for any newspaper – and maybe especially for an opinion section – good journalism is about telling stories that others cannot or will not.

I am proud of the stories this opinion section has told this semester. They have revealed hard truths about our university and town, and even our country and society. I am proud of all of my columnists. They have made working at the Evergreen a true pleasure, and I am excited to see what they do with their next semesters at the newspaper.

My first semester as an editor was overwhelming in the best way. This stuff is hard, y’all. Like really hard. Especially when you are not a journalism student. But I love what I do. Since I first submitted my application on a whim, I knew I had made a choice that would affect my life in the best way.

My coworkers are proof of that “good things are coming” feeling I had over a year ago.

They make me feel welcome every day and happy to be in the newsroom – even when we are there from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

They inspire me daily with their incredible eye for layout and general attitude toward life. They approach work like any person should approach their passion: with complete commitment and endless creativity.

They remind me of what journalism is supposed to be and what journalists are supposed to be about. I cannot wait to work with them in the big world someday – it would be my honor.

I say all of this to remind our lovely readers that these stories you read – the tough ones, the ones you disagree with and the ones you are so passionate about you would send a letter to the editor to thank the columnist – all have a human behind them. And they all mean something more to us than words printed on a page or posted online.

These people are so passionate about their jobs. They find the stories that need to be told. They support their coworkers on hard days and long hours in the newsroom. They edit and reword and suggest other points of view. What we do in the basement of Murrow Hall is honestly beautiful.

But maybe I am just a person who is in love with their job and their future career. There are worse things to be.

Through all that this semester brought us, the Evergreen was a comfort to me. In more ways than I am capable of expressing, I am grateful. And in more ways than I can say, I am so excited for what is to come.

Thank you to our readers for your support, your feedback and most of all, your opinions.

Meg, opinion section editor, out.