Letter from the editor: The face of commitment, passion

We work hard, appreciate readers who support us; news editor will stay on through spring semester



How much does the average Evergreener work each week? More than you might expect, writes Evergreen news editor, Emma Ledbetter. And that is on top of classes and other extracurriculars.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen news editor

Dear Readers,

As this long, COVID-y semester draws to a close, I want to draw attention to a few things you might be in the dark about. I have done my best to be transparent with how we run the Evergreen, but it’s hard to understand a lot of editorial decisions when you aren’t in the newsroom alongside us. 

We put out a paper (online) each day and a print edition once a week. Our reporters, columnists, photographers, illustrators and editors are constantly working hard to deliver the news you want to read and expect to see. 

On top of everything, we are students, and we are expected to balance our classes and extracurriculars with our work for the Evergreen. 

And yes, we do consider this to be our “work.” I often pull 30-40 hours a week at the Evergreen, and I know many of my coworkers work similarly long hours. I don’t say this for sympathy. Rather, I feel it is important for our readers to know how much we care about putting out a paper — and how much we appreciate the folks who continue to support us.

Mental health has been a big focus this semester. I am sad to say we lost several promising reporters and editors for reasons related to mental health. As delighted as we were to come back for in-person classes, it was more than a lot of us could handle at times. Even still, I am grateful to spend every day in the newsroom with my coworkers and friends because it feels a lot less lonely than when we were writing articles from home. 

To those of you who continue to comment on our Facebook posts, click on our website or pick up a copy of our paper edition: thank you. It makes all the stress and pressure worth it to know we are creating something you (hopefully) want to read. 

As for me, I’ll be staying on as news editor in the spring. I am excited to continue to develop the news section by training reporters, developing community-based beats and working on more investigative stories (not to tease, but we have quite a few in the works). 

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach me with questions, criticism or story tips at [email protected]. Once I pass my finals, I’ll happily reply to your email.

Emma Ledbetter, Evergreen news editor