WSU students dive into new semester

One accounting student taking fly-fishing; criminal justice student hoping to surpass 3.5 GPA



Junior wildlife conservation and ecology major Cannon Fidler shares his thoughts on the start of the new semester.

CALLIE GERBER, Evergreen reporter

After two bonus days of break because of snowy road conditions, Wednesday marked the first day of the semester for WSU Pullman students. 

For some students, the spring semester can symbolize a fresh start, allowing them to further their goals and learn about new topics.

Cannon Fidler, junior wildlife conservation and ecology major, attended his first cell biology and genetics class Wednesday morning.  

“It actually blew my mind because I came from a community college, and this had 300-400 people in it,” he said. “I’ve never seen a classroom bigger than 30 people. So I had a little bit of a heart attack at first.”

Since he is a transfer student, Fidler said this is the first time he has left home.

“My goal is to really find independence and be the person I want to be.”

Hailey Muench, freshman elementary education major, said she is taking English College Composition and Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics.

Muench is also part of the WSU rowing team and said she has a busy schedule.  

“This semester, my goals are to keep up with my studies,” she said.

Laurren Howell, junior criminal justice major, took her first criminal justice law class and first Drugs and Society Sociology class of the week.

“For the drugs and society, I’m actually really pumped about learning more about how they affect people,” Howell said.

She is also hoping to achieve a GPA higher than 3.5.

Senior biology major Chloe Williams is taking Introduction to Sociology.

“I think it’ll be interesting to learn a new perspective because all my classes are hard science classes, so I think it’ll be nice to look at it from a different angle,” Williams said.

Aside from her classes, she is hoping to workout more.

Senior accounting major Kylee Shirkey is taking strategic management, auditing, social media practices, entrepreneurial management and a fly-fishing class.

“Actually, I’m really excited about [the fly-fishing class],” Shirkey said.

Freshman business major Joe Taylor is taking sociology, anthropology and communications.

“I really am interested in anthropology,” he said. “That was the class that caught my eye today.”

With his business major, Taylor said he plans to go into the wine business and land development.