Lunar New Year celebration sold out

Celebrate and learn about Lunar New year with the Taiwanese Student Association.



Friday Feb. 4, the Taiwanese Student Accociation will host their Lunar New year and Night Market Celebration.

LANNAN RUIZ and Huihui Dai

The arrival of the Lunar New Year means a bid farewell to the cold winter. Celebrate the holiday with WSU’s Taiwanese Student Association and usher in a warm spring. 

From 5:30-9 p.m. Friday, WSU students and community members can celebrate the Lunar New Year together. 

The host of the event, Fang Yu Lim, treasurer of the TSA, and others will lead the discussion and seminar about the holiday. During this section of the celebration, members and volunteers of TSA will explain cultural information about Chinese New Year and Taiwan.

Following Lim, the Night Market portion of the event will include games and fun activities for attendees to enjoy. 

“We have a lot of mini-games for people to rotate through and earn tickets for the final prize drawings,” Lim said.

Generally, the Lunar New Year celebration and Night Market are different events hosted by TSA. However, because of COVID-19 restrictions and other circumstances, the events were merged. Instead of selling different homemade food items at the night market stalls, bento boxes and bubble tea are provided for students as they leave the event. The food is covered by the $15 admission/ticket fee and is catered by Iron Wok in Moscow. 

Lim said the holiday is about coming together with your friends and family, celebrating the new year and wishing good fortune.  

“It’s a little different than how it is at home,” Lim said. “But it is still really nice because the main goal is to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the time.”

WSU students are also celebrating the holiday at home with friends. 

“I celebrated Chinese New Year with my friends, and we cooked dumplings together,” said Shengyang Zhang, junior hospitality business management major. “I also decorated couplets and New Year pictures at my apartment, and I hope I can be successful in my studies this year.” 

Lim said she and her friends also had dinner on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the holiday. Lim has not been able to visit home for three years, so spending the holiday with friends is a great way to still feel connected, she said. 

“We just try to hang out with each other and have dinner together,” Lim said. “Some of us like to do activities like mahjong”

All tickets to TSA’s largest event of the year are currently sold out. To participate or volunteer for future TSA events, contact the TSA treasurer at [email protected].