Cats rescued from Albion woman’s home

Sheriff’s Office, Humane Society work together; 13 live cats rescued



The Albion woman was believed to have been in violation of a previous court order prohibiting her from owning animals.

LIAM CONNORS, Deputy news editor

The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office and Whitman County Humane Society seized several sick and malnourished cats from an Albion woman’s home last week.

The warrant was issued to secure all domestic animals in the woman’s home for medical attention, according to a Whitman County Sheriff’s Office press release. The woman was believed to have been in violation of a court order from a previous animal cruelty conviction that prohibited her from owning animals.

Whitman County Humane Society and animal control officers assisted deputies during their search. They rescued over a dozen live cats and one dead cat from the home, according to the press release.

Several newborn kittens were also rescued from the property as well, but some did not survive, according to a Pullman Radio article. The others are receiving medical care.

The woman is now facing new charges of animal cruelty and violation of a court order, according to the press release.