Pullman man fires multiple shots inside apartment

Individual was taken to hospital for mental evaluation, facing possible misdemeanor


A 33-year-old Pullman man allegedly fired a handgun multiple times inside his apartment Monday morning. 

Pullman Police responded to a call at 6 a.m. at the Pine Ridge Apartments regarding shots being fired, according to a Pullman Radio article

Patrol Cmdr. Aaron Breshears said the man fired numerous rounds from a nine-millimeter pistol, which caused damage to the interior of his apartment. 

None of the rounds went into neighboring units according to the article. No one else was inside the unit during the incident, and the man was not shot; officers were able to recover the handgun at the scene. 

Breshears said the man was taken into protective custody because he was experiencing a mental health crisis. 

The man is now facing a possible misdemeanor for a reckless endangerment charge, but has not been arrested because his medical condition is currently the primary concern, he said. 

“That charge will be sent over to our prosecutor’s office, who will ultimately make the final determination on whether he is charged with the crime of reckless endangerment,” Breshears said.