ASWSU Senate makes statement about alleged homophobic comments 

Senate requests further action be taken following allegations



ASWSU Senator Jacob Martinez speaks during an ASWSU meeting, April 6, in the Compton Union Building.

MOLLY WILK, Evergreen reporter

The ASWSU Senate made a statement at their Wednesday night meeting regarding the recent allegations of homophobic comments made by the executive staff. 

The Senate has requested that more serious action is taken so that the individual involved is no longer paid with student money, Pro Tempore Katie Carstens said. 

All-Campus Senator Jacob Martinez authored several bills to clarify campaign regulations following confusion from the recent election. The Senate voted to pass the bylaw. 

Another bill proposed by Martinez ensures that ASWSU Election Board members are unable to have any affiliation with the presidential tickets running. 

The bill will require Election Board candidates to submit a list of their affiliations to things such as multicultural groups or Greek life to the Election Board chair, Pro Tempore Katie Carstens said. If there is a conflict of interest, the candidates will return to the Senate to be reevaluated for their position.

The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

Martinez proposed a third bylaw that prohibits presidential candidates from campaigning in the Compton Union Building without permission from the Election Board chair. The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

A fourth bylaw proposed by Martinez states that campaign memorabilia is not to be worn by registered members of the campaign team in academic buildings on campus. Individuals who are not registered campaign team members are not included in this bill, Martinez said. 

Members of campaign teams can wear memorabilia during tabling, he said. The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

Martinez proposed a fifth bill that prohibits tickets from attacking and slandering the opposing ticket during debates. The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

A sixth bill proposed by Martinez requires a member of ASWSU to submit an election code violation for the information to be accounted for by the Election Board. The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

Another bill proposed by Martinez prohibits the standing ASWSU president, vice president, pro tempore and chief justice at the time of an election from endorsing either ticket because of their influential role. The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

The seventh bill proposed by Martinez allows for space for the petitioner of an election code violation to provide a witness of any violations. The Senate voted to pass the bill. 

Several other bills were proposed by Pro Tempore Carstens regarding bylaw proposals and revisions. All three bills were passed by the Senate. 

Ashtyn Gates and Bine Traore, ASWSU deputy directors of communications, spoke to the Senate about the ASWSU social media accounts. The ASWSU Instagram account reaches 11,000 people through reels, 6,000 through regular posts and 2,000 through stories. 

The team is working to continue to increase engagement and grow their social media as the semester wraps up, Traore said.