Panhellenic, Interfraternity bylaws forbid weed in Greek houses

Members sent to standard if they possess illegal drugs; sorority members to complete drug-related programming event


It is commonly known Greek life has strict guidelines on alcohol usage — but few people know what the rules are for weed on the property. 

The national board for each sorority chapter does not allow weed on their property, even if a member is of legal age, said Karolina Lynch, Panhellenic Council vice president of public relations. 

Lynch said if members bring weed onto the property, they will be sent to a standards hearing to decide what to do based on the severity of the situation. 

While weed is not allowed on a sorority property, members have the freedom to use whatever substances they choose off the property, she said. 

“That’s more for the law enforcement and the police,” Lynch said. “I’m not speaking on behalf of the people in the community, but I think that if they’re not on the [sorority] property and they’re of legal age, then I don’t see an issue.”

The Panhellenic Association Bylaws do not specifically talk about weed, but state chapters cannot force new or potential new members to use drugs or controlled substances under the hazing section of the bylaw. 

Every semester, 80% of each chapter must attend programming events discussing different topics, including one on alcohol and drug abuse prevention education, according to the bylaws. 

Similarly, the Interfraternity Constitution and Bylaws do not specifically mention weed, but they do state a member cannot be in possession of or sell illegal substances on fraternity property. 

“No illegal drugs of any kind may be stored or consumed on chapter property or be present at any chapter social event,” according to the bylaws.

The bylaws also state drugs are not allowed during scheduled recruitment events.