Street Talk: munchies edition

WSU students sound off on their favorite go-to high snacks

Picture this: you’re high and the only thing you can think to eat is *insert here.* What is it? 

These four Cougs have very strong opinions about what the ultimate munchies snack is. Remember, snack responsibly folks!

1. Pass the BBQ

Construction management major Caden Blessing stands outside the Compton Union Building, Thursday, April 7.

Q: Any weird combos? 

“I put BBQ sauce on everything. Literally, anything,”  Construction management major Caden Blessing said. He also suggests trying chocolate with Lay’s potato chips.

Usually he enjoys Cheez-Its and frozen chicken nuggets when he smokes cannabis. 



2. Time for Tin Tan’s

Economics major Zach Johnson plays basketball on Greek Row Thursday, April 7.

Q: What is your go to munchies snack?  

Economics major Zach Johnson said he likes to stick to College Hill’s favorite Mexican restaurant, Tin Tan Tacos. He said he enjoys a classic burrito with pork as the main protein. 

“The thing about me is that I eat a lot more when I’m high,” Johnson said.

3. Live Mas

Grace Manahan, landscape architecture major, does homework outside Crybaby Cafe Thursday, April 7.

Q: Okay, you’ve just smoked, what is your go-to snack? 

“The go-to is either Taco Bell from Doordash, which my friend has already ordered because she’s amazing. Or cool ranch Doritos,” landscape architecture major Grace Manahan said. 

Manahan keeps it simple with cheesy bean and rice burritos from Taco Bell.

“I’m less likely to regret ordering it, so yeah I get three of those,” Manahan said.

Manahan said she prefers joints when consuming cannabis.

“Joints for sure. Joints are easy and fun,” Manahan said. 

4. “Any candy I can get my hands on”

Q: What is your go-to munchies snack?

“Well, let’s see what did I have last night? Just a lot of junk food, like any candy I can get my hands on,” human development major Anelea Escobar said. 

She also recommends chocolate-covered pretzels, but Escobar said chocolate milk “hits” the hardest.

5. A sweet tooth

Q: What is your go to munchies snack?

“See I don’t snack very much that’s the thing. But I’ll have like a bunch of M&Ms. I have a sweet tooth for sure,” a student in the library said. 

For weird combinations, this student takes the cake. 

Q: Any other weird combos?

“Peanut butter and pickled onions. It is the acidity of the onions and the peanut butter’s fat,” they said.