From the window to the wall; to the bars we crawl

Pullman’s Spring Pub Crawl returns for first time since 2019



Pullman’s second Spring Pub Crawl in history will be taking place from 6 – 11 p.m. this Saturday, following the Crimson and Gray Spring Football Game.

JOSIE GOODRICH, Reporter/Copy Editor

Cougar Football Saturdays are back for one weekend only, and with it comes the usual booze and debauchery. 

Pullman’s Spring Pub Crawl will be taking place from 6-11 p.m. this Saturday, making its first comeback since 2019.

Marie Dymkoski, executive director of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, said The Spring Pub Crawl originated in 2019 when the Crimson and Gray Spring Football Game started being hosted in Pullman rather than Spokane.

“We did a pub crawl in 2019, the first one to accompany, if you will, the spring football game. The football game had just been moved from Spokane to Pullman, and we thought it’d be a really great idea to sort of extend people’s stay,” Dymkoski said. “So come for the spring game and stay for the pub crawl; we had about 150 people registered, and we went to these five restaurants, and it was just fun.”

The Pub Crawl will consist of five locations, starting at the Lumberyard Food Hall and ending at Etsi Bravo, said Sophia Gaither, president of the Pullman Young Professionals.

“We’re starting at 6 at the Lumberyard for our first hour, and then we will break up into three separate groups where we will be leading each one of the groups, and we will basically do rotations,” Gaither said. “So every hour, each group will be at a different location, and those locations will be My Office Bar & Grill, Rico’s, and Paradise Creek Brewery. Of course, we begin at Lumberyard, and then we end the night at Etsi Bravo.”

Gaither said the Pub Crawl is limited to the first 150 who register, and the fee is $25, which includes two free drinks: one at the Lumberyard Food Hall and one at Paradise Creek Brewery. 

“Drinks will be discounted because they are a part of this group, and although they’ll be paying for drinks, they are at a very discounted price,” Gaither said. “So whatever those drink specials are, they will be just for this group.”

Lumberyard owner DJ Goldfinger is really excited to have the Lumberyard be the starting point for the Pub Crawl, he said. 

“I think that’s exciting because, you know, you start out strong in the beginning, and then you’re running the gauntlet to see who’s going to be leftover like who’s gonna last the longest?” Goldfinger said. “So I’m pretty excited, this is our first pub crawl here, and I’m really honored that they got in contact with us; I’m really happy to be apart of it.”

The Lumberyard has four food vendors within, consisting of Timber, Malo, Yia Yia Nikki’s and Poke-Man, as well as a bar, Goldfinger said. 

“With us starting out the pub crawl, you can get yourself something to eat at four different vendors and hang out either upstairs in the lounge area or the bar downstairs. I mean, there’s a lot of options,” Goldfinger said. “I love pub crawls. I’ve done them before; I might be the middle person or the last person, so starting out in the beginning, its gonna be pretty cool just getting to meet everybody and see what they wish the night to be.”

One of the five locations, Rico’s Pub, is excited for the hometown aspect that the football game and pub crawl will bring, bartender Tawny Szumlas said. 

“We’re just so excited that Pullman, this president, the alumni, that everybody is just interested in putting money back into Pullman and keeping Pullman alive, you know,” Szumlas said. “A lot of years, the football game was in Spokane and wasn’t even like a hometown thing, and they brought it home, and they really tried to make it a hometown thing, and we’re just super excited about that.”