ASWSU hears updates from Executive staff, passes several bills

Senators pass resolutions regarding meeting requiremets, RDA dollars

MOLLY WILK, Evergreen reporter

ASWSU Executive Assistant Lauren Moffat spoke to the 51st Senate at their Wednesday night meeting about some of the things she accomplished during her time on the Executive team. 

This semester, Moffat gave the Services and Activities Fee presentation on behalf of ASWSU Executives. She said they are thankful for everything the Senate has done for the student body.

Kody Ongpituk, the current director of safety, thanked the Senate during public testimony for standing up for him after the recent allegations of homophobic comments made about him. 

He said the actions taken by the senators show how much each of them cares for the student body, and he is grateful to have them on ASWSU. 

The Senate confirmed the incoming chairs for several RSO groups. Chairs were confirmed for groups such as Ku-Ah-Mah, the Environmental Sustainability Alliance, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx De Aztlán and several others. 

Senators passed a bill authored by All-Campus Senator Kiana Parsi requiring senators to attend one RSO group meeting a week in place of their current out-of-office hour. 

A second bill passed from Parsi that changes the Senate’s required meeting with the WSU president to a required meeting with the WSU chancellor. 

Senators also passed a bill authored by Pro Tempore Katie Carstens asking committee chairs to present on behalf of their committee to ensure the Senate knows they are active. Other additions such as a monthly budget report were written into the existing bill as well.

A resolution authored by Business senators Kjelt Visser and Maccabee Werndorf proposes the implementation of a Carson College of Business Dean’s Council that meets to address issues in the college. 

The resolution is meant to increase engagement and the amount of feedback the dean receives, Werndorf said. Senators voted to approve the resolution. 

Senators passed a resolution authored by Gabrielle Lund, Arts and Sciences Senator, that calls for remaining RDA dollars to be given to the Cougs Feeding Cougs balance for the Cougar Meal Service Swipe program. 

The resolution is meant to combat food insecurity on campus which affects students’ health and academic performance, Lund wrote in her resolution. 

The final piece of legislation that Senators passed was authored by Alayna Marsh, Arts and Sciences senator. The resolutions call for funding from the Pullman 2040 project to host an annual Arbor Day event beginning in April 2023.