Nuthouse returns as off-the-cuff as ever

WSU improv comedy group brings audience into the show


Courtesy of Sam Bartlett

Spencer Knudson, center, and Persephone Radelet, right, perform in “The Return of Nuthouse” on Friday.

RACHEL KOCH, Evergreen reporter

Nuthouse Improv Comedy hosts a weekly student-run performance that encourages audience members to choose the roles that the actors will portray in each improvised skit.

Kamira Nicolino has been an actor with Nuthouse for two years.

“It’s just a really nice way to relax,” Nicolino said, “and it’s a nice way to hang out with friends.”

In some skits, the audience knows more than the actors. For instance, one act from “The Return of Nuthouse” on Friday, forced one of the actors to leave the theater, while the audience had to come up with three outrageous reasons why someone might be late for work.

The actor then returned, portraying a frazzled employee struggling to come up with the only acceptable excuse for not showing up on time to begin their shift, while two more actors, portraying the employee’s co-workers, acted out the three audience-selected explanations behind their boss.

In another skit, the audience selected three celebrities to have lunch together. The actors help each other figure out who they are portraying by making comments about their physical appearances, reputations and other characteristics.

Nuthouse is part of STAGE Student Theatre. The next Nuthouse show is  Sept. 8 from 8 – 9 p.m. in Wadleigh Theatre, located in Daggy Hall.

Reporting by Rachel Koch