13-year-old hot dog stand open for late night cravings

Munchy’s open weekends, offers hot dogs people can not resist



Customers wait in line for hot dogs at the Munchy’s stand at the intersection of Northeast Colorado Street and Northeast B Street, Sep. 9.

SAYDEE PHOTHIVONGSA, Evergreen news editor

Sunday through Wednesday, the Munchy’z tent lays empty, resting in preparation for the weekend where a long line will await heavenly hot dogs. 

Serving hot dogs for over 13 years, Munchy’z continues to be a popular spot for those who enjoy the Pullman nightlife. 

“I wish [Munchy’z] was open every day. And I really look forward to Thursdays and Fridays because I get a hot dog. I just love hot dogs so much,” WSU senior Ashley Pingel said. 

Pingel visits Munchy’z at least two of the three nights they’re open, every weekend, she said.  

Despite the long line that often accumulates in front of the Munchy’z tent, it is surprising how fast they move through it, making the experience quick and easy, Pingel said. 

The line of patrons waiting for a yummy dog each night points to how popular the hot dog stand is in our community. 

Interactions with the many Munchy’z customers was one of former employees Lance Lijewski’s favorite things about working on the grill, he said. 

“We have a bunch of interesting people on the street, they’re all so different and varying levels of sober,” Lijewski said. “People would yell at [us] and say ‘You’re doing God’s work.’” 

Lijewski began working for Munchy’z in 2015 and has worked on and off for the establishment over the years, he said. 

A few years ago, when Lijewski wasn’t working with Munchy’z, he came back to Pullman for a CFS and made a tipsy decision to have a Munchy’z hot dog after almost two years, he said. 

“I remember smelling it and taking a bite of it and losing my shit being like ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry. You’re drunk. Don’t cry,’” Lijewski said. 

The quality and simplicity of the ingredients Munchy’z uses are why people love it so much and it makes their hot dogs great no matter if you’re sober or not, he said. 

“I just think all of the stars aligned for Munchy’z,” Allison Martinez, Munchy’z social media lead, said. 

Martinez said that long before she joined Munchy’z professionally, she was already a big fan. 

“My freshman year I probably got Munchy’z once a week, and one time my mom called me on a Tuesday and said ‘Allison, I am getting concerned your debit card keeps saying [there are] so many charges for Munchy’z, what is that? What’s going on?’” she said.  

Luckily, Martinez’s card was not stolen, she was just a frequent customer at Munchy’z. 

Munchy’z is a combination of everything you would want from a College Hill establishment: a prime location right in front of the Coug, quick service and delicious hot dogs which are perfect to take to-go, Martinez said. 

Munchy’z has created a community by being a late night staple for WSU students,” she said. It’s cheap, easy and funny and has made major associations to things like game days and nights out.” 

Munchy’z is open from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday in front of the Coug.