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OPINION: Students should cook on a budget

Food is expensive, especially for college kids, but there are easy and cheap hacks to make dinner affordable.

JOEY FRANKLIN, Evergreen columnist

September 16, 2020

Cooking on a budget can be tough but having a game plan can really help you keep a healthy and consistent diet. “When you’re trying to buy [groceries], think ahead,” said Dan Aherin, associate manager of Southside Cafe at WSU. “Ground beef you can use for more than one meal, either cooking it...

Purpose Roasters changes management, continues to expand

Purpose Roasters, originally located at 301 S. Main St. in Colfax, moved locations next to Flowers, Decor & More.

SARAH DANIELS, Evergreen reporter

July 6, 2020

Just when the front doors of a coffee shop in Colfax seemed like it was closed for good, it found a way to come back to life. When Purpose Roasters opened in spring 2018, it started with spouses Travis and Janelle Harrison, as well as friend Nick Wright.  The doors of the first Purpose Roasters’ cafe closed March...

Greek restaurant to open in Pullman

Yia Yia Nikki's is projected to open in August. For the meantime, food will be sold through a food truck.

ZACH GOFF, Evergreen reporter

June 15, 2020

A restaurant that specializes in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine may open its doors in August. Yia Yia Nikki’s will be located at 1300 S. Grand Ave. The restaurant will also have a drive-thru, owner Monir Desouky said. This will be the third location of the franchise as the original restaurant...

New food truck to hit Pullman streets

Among Other Things hopes to serve classic American dishes around Greek row and different apartment complexes in Pullman.

JENNA GEELAN, Evergreen reporter

June 15, 2020

Acacia Kapusta and Jesse Pollard are turning their passion for cuisine into a full-time job by opening a food truck inspired by American dishes in Pullman. Among Other Things will give them the opportunity to manage their own business and travel when needed, Kapusta said. The duo started planning...

Weekly produce sale to last through summer, into fall

Shoppers can wait in line one at a time as staff collect the requested vegetables.

CHERYL AARNIO, Evergreen reporter

June 15, 2020

Locals bought up almost all of the fresh produce sold at the Eggert Family Organic Farm on June 5, which is its first sale of the year.  The farm was busy with an average of two to three customers waiting to be helped during the sale, said farm manager Brad Jaeckel. Most of the produce sold out aft...

Pullman Good Food Co-op offers virtual market

Palouse residents can access the Pullman Good Food Co-op's virtual farmers market to receive fresh ingredients from local vendors.

JENNA GEELAN, Evergreen reporter

June 8, 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak emerged, many things have come to a close. Among the local groups that had to put a halt to their operations, the Pullman Good Food Co-op decided to start a virtual community market about three weeks ago.  “The idea is to help strengthen our local economy and help our...

Residents challenge food insecurity head-on

Residents challenge food insecurity head-on

LAUREN ELLENBECKER, Evergreen reporter

April 9, 2020

Community members challenge food insecurity in Washington’s most food insecure county by addressing its origins and the stigma surrounding it.  More than 37 million people in the U.S. face food insecurity, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service (USDA). Fo...

OPINION: What to get when stockpiling at grocery store

Think before you buy for a disaster, it can save you money and leave you better prepared.

JACOB HERSH, Evergreen Columnist

March 30, 2020

As COVID-19 spreads across the United States and the world, we’ve seen a massive rise in the stockpiling of emergency preparedness gear. While some of these runs on supplies may seem a little silly to an outside observer, they stem from the very real desire to be prepared for a national emergen...

Time for Thai: Phikun’s restaurant review

Beef spring rolls at Phikun's Thai Cuisine are served with a homemade peanut sauce. Phikun's is located at 1020 S. Grand Ave. in Pullman.

EMMA LEDBETTER, Evergreen reporter

March 10, 2020

Restaurant goers at Phikun’s Thai Cuisine say they keep coming back for the individually cooked and made-to-order food. A word of caution for those who plan on dining at this family-run business: try not to be in a rush. The food in this small local restaurant is tasty but can take a while to ...

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