Arizona hotel finds a new location in Pullman

Provides signature grilled cheese, local art; discount rate for acts of kindess



Hotel McCoy shows local artists’ work and offers its own grilled cheese

ANNA MICHALSON, Evergreen reporter

A new hotel has recently opened up in downtown Pullman and brings a new, fresh boutique-style vibe at a reasonable price point. The name? Hotel McCoy, and it is nothing short of amazing. 

The hotel originally opened up in Tucson, AZ, but founder Brain Coggins and Creative President Nicole Dahl said they saw something special in the little town that we call home, and decided to open a second location here. 

“[Coggins] grew up in Washington and always loved Pullman. He had his eye on Pullman, and when I went I just thought this town is so cool,” said Dahl. “Kind of like that Gilmore Girls, Hallmark movie, but yet you have a lot going on with college kids as well. It was the best of both worlds.”

Dahl said she wanted this town to have a Hotel McCoy so people could experience high-quality service and amenities at a reasonable price. 

One of the most unique features the hotel has to offer is its “kindness rate.” 

“We do a flat out discounted rate for anyone who does an act of kindness before their stay,” she said. “You do something kind for someone, and then you check in to share your story with us, and then boom, you get a discounted rate.” 

This specialty service is not all that sets Hotel McCoy apart from others. Dahl said that the hotel has its very own commission-free art gallery, featuring local artists. 

“The artists get to keep the entirety of the fill. The reason that’s kind of special is because when you go to an art gallery … generally, the business takes a commission for displaying it,” she said. 

Fresh sets of eyes see the gallery each day, and Dahl said this helps the pieces sell rather quickly. 

Along with the art gallery, the hotel also features its own signature grilled cheese bistro, equipped with as much cougar gold cheese as your heart desires. 


Dahl said she encourages community members to come and use these spaces. You do not have to be a guest to enjoy some art, have a quick lunch, or even sit outside on their patio. 

Each weekend, Dahl said they have live music playing, and invite everyone to come out to see it and enjoy a locally crafted beer from their bar as well. 

“We definitely want people to come and hang out. It’s not just 21 and up, it’s not just for hotel guests.”

Operations Manager Amanda Rochelle also feels like Pullman is the perfect spot for this aesthetically pleasing hotel, and she said she has had a lot of fun bringing the vision to life. 

“I would say the best amenity we have is the staff. They’re really genuine and authentic,” Rochelle said. 

To book your stay, and learn more about Hotel McCoy’s services, visit