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Ask Life: How can I find creative inspiration?

Learn mindfulness, expose yourself to nature and try something new
Take inspiration from the colors, variations and cycles of nature.

Dear Life Section,

I have been trying to strike some new ideas for the past couple of weeks. Whether writing, painting or doing a creative class project, I find my mind going blank, and it makes me feel dull.

Can you help me find some creative inspiration?


Creativity Seeker


Dear Creativity Seeker,

Finding inspiration for creativity is a personal journey and what works for one person may not work for everyone. Inspiration is a motive to do or create by finding something interesting in your social surroundings that can act as a catalyst to ignite creativity.

I like to do something as simple as going for a run. It helps me think; when I look around to take in my surroundings, I always have new thoughts that generate ideas.

Traveling can be the most basic way to find inspiration. Visit museums, attend concerts or simply take a different route while walking to class and pay attention to those surroundings.

Try doing something you have never done before. Exposing yourself to new environments can help give you a new perspective. Nature can be a great source of inspiration with its diversity in colors, variations and cycles.

Keep a notebook or use a note-taking app on your phone like Journal. Jotting down your ideas and reviewing your journal can help you understand and identify your pattern for generating inspiration.

Read books, articles, blog posts, poetry and other sorts of literature across various genres. Reading can introduce you to new ideas, writing styles and perspectives, and can inspire your own creativity.

Try learning new things and invest your time in exploring different mediums of art, such as cooking, crafting, music, painting and writing.

Practice mindfulness practices or meditation to tap into your inner creativity. You may use an app like Healthy Minds to take guided meditation training.

Collaborate with other individuals by joining a study group or a workshop to learn from others. Set a creative constraint like a specific time limit or space to work on something. A constraint can lead you to create something innovative under pressure.

Try combining seemingly unrelated ideas. This synthesis will allow you to make connections between disparate elements to create something interesting.

Creativity thrives in a curious, playful, relaxed and mindful brain. Stay open-minded and create space for inspiration to emerge.

It is important to acknowledge that creative blocks occur. Periods of stagnation are natural parts of the process. During these times, it can be helpful to take a step back and explore alternative sources and activities.


The Life Section

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